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Come creare un clima di fiducia in azienda

La fiducia, si sa, è il collante di ogni relazione. Anche e soprattutto in quelle lavorative. Strettamente legata al concetto di retention, diventa quindi imprescindibile per il buon funzionamento di ogni realtà aziendale.

Retention: a key objective for companies

Here’s another term that indicates a fundamental aspect of the location of each company: retention
What is retention ?
Literally, retention means “conservation”, “maintenance”. This term can have a double meaning: one related to company-consumer, the other reported that between the company and its employees. Let’s see then the two meanings.

What is “Smarter Working”?

The world of work is changing rapidly. Needs evolve, and with them the way you deal with them should also change .

For some time, in particular it comes to Working Smarter, a business philosophy developed by Plantronics, the American multinational leader in cutting-edge audio solutions for communication.

Gener Equality in the Italian Workplace

Many international brands established in various fields in recent years have made ​​the issue of gender equality, a real cornerstone of their corporate policy in terms of recruitment .

This is actually the outcome of a very long and complex historical process, the result of long struggles and achievements of the campaign have paid off in many ways.

Do cooperatives favor employment?

Sometimes one doubts the effectiveness of cooperatives. The Italian system of cooperatives, however, is a real driving force for the Italian economy . This is demonstrated by many studies on the impact of direct cooperation on entrepreneurship and employment. The Chambers of Commerce and Istat provided us with important numbers to understand the actual results of co-operatives.

Key Employment Roles for Italian Health and Safety

Corporate Security is a primary issue which cannot be overlooked by and company, regardless of sector, size or number of employees.

In Italy this is governed by the Consolidated Law on health and safety at work , represented by Legislative Decree 81/2008, which applies to all sectors of activity, regardless of the type of risk and the fact that they fit in the public or private .

How to increase employees’ productivity

Many companies aim to increase the productivity of their workers, but many of them really struggle to change something and achieve the desired result. Recent studies carried out in the United States reveal that the vast majority of employees of medium-large companies are less productive and are not incentivized properly. Here are some tips from business magazine Forbes.

How to advertise your company online

How do you advertise your business online? There is no single recipe for attracting visitors and customers to your site: it all depends on what you offer, who it is for and how you communicate . For those who do not know what are the main opportunities of digital advertising , here is a brief overview of the major platforms .

How to find social health personnel

Every social health company knows that finding quality employees for their services is not easy. With a world of work subject to needs and offers different from time to time, it is not easy to find the staff to cope efficiently with the tasks assigned .

How to promote your company on Linkedin

Linkedin was born as a “professional” social network, i.e. as a platform in which users share their experiences and their business contacts in order to network better , seek new opportunities and grow their business.


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