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Esternalizzare conviene?

Praticare l’outsourcing, ovvero l’esternalizzazione dei servizi aziendali è naturalmente un investimento che comporta determinate spese, ma ciò che oggi determina la sua considerevole diffusione presso le aziende del nostro Paese sono i suoi grandi vantaggi a livello economico ed organizzativo.

Come selezionare il personale

Al fine di ottimizzare la fase di selezione, è bene innanzitutto tener presente che essa è strettamente collegata alla precedente fase di ricerca del personale. Innanzitutto è dunque necessario curare nel dettaglio il processo di ricerca selezionando i metodi più efficaci. Solo così sarà possibile reperire le risorse necessarie sulla base del fabbisogno dell’azienda cliente.

What does a recruitment agency do?

A recruitment agency is responsible for the recruitment procedures on behalf of a client company. Recruitment agencies source and select both company employees and managers, as in the case of executive research. But the organization of these two core activities, is not all that a recruitment agency can offer to a client company.

IT outsourcing

Technologies typically represent a fundamental tool for the management of any business and this is especially true for information technology. Every aspect of business management relies on the use of computers, which turn out to be essential both for the development of various corporate activities and to ensure an adequate development to the company.

What is the future of recruitment?

To understand what how the practice of recruitment can develop, we can observe the current dynamics and the opportunities offered by the solutions currently adopted for the management of human resources. First of all, it is necessary to consider that the scenario is definitely determined by the outsourcing of this business service area.

The challenge of recruitment

Companies operating in our Country are now aware of a fact universally valid: human resources on which they can rely really makes the difference in terms of productivity and quality of work. For this reason, recruitment is something that strongly determines the success of the company and its organization should be taken care as effectively as possible on several fronts.

The challenges of outsourcing in social health services

In an economic environment characterized by competition, where it is necessary to reach certain standards to establish in the market, outsourcing represents both a solution and a challenge.

Outsourcing in logistics: data and expectations


The outsourcing in the logistics field represents one of the most efficient method to increase companies’ development in a strategic manner. The logistics sector includes several services for the transport of goods on which the company’s productivity depends on.

Personnel Recruitment vs. Personnel Outsourcing

Studies carried out in the most prestigious universities and the most renowned research centers in Italy and in the world, support the fundamental value of the human capital. Even common sense can easily lead to the same conclusion. Although we are in a world and in a market where everything seems to be automated and depersonalized, the core of every activity, every business is the staff.

The advantages of outsourcing

The world of work is changing rapidly. We live in an age where the “marriage” between companies and employees is no longer possible. To be competitive, a company needs to focus on labor flexibility. But how do you keep quality and organization?

The key word to arrive at a solution is outsourcing .


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