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How to be successful in the workplace

What changes are happening in the world of work ? What transformations affect companies, workers, businesses and all the people in them? In the book “The Startup of You”, Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha distill important lessons to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s business world.

Meritocracy and work

We often hear of excellence and meritocracy in the labor market. What lies behind these two simple terms? The word meritocracy was used for the first time by author Michael Young in his essay “Rise of the Meritocracy .” It refers to a system of government based on intelligence and efforts produced by each individual.

A perfect CV: storytelling and clarity

It is now common knowledge that search for a job is already a real job . Dealing with job postings, letters of introduction, recommendations etc. is a real art. Pulling off a perfect resume becomes an essential condition to aspire to the desired position. Here are some tips to present the best with a good CV.
1 . Your CV is a business card
Needless to say that the curriculum is a real card.

5 tips for a successful job interview

After dozens and dozens of responses to job ads, hundreds of candidatures, eye-catching cover letters, phone calls and stalking parties and aperitifs in search of the “right contact” , the time has finally come for the interview . It will play all within a few minutes, precious chains of seconds from which will depend on your future , your personal satisfaction and the health of your portfolio.

Tertiarization and outsourcing

Among the phenomena that have affected the business world in recent years, two concepts emerge that are revolutionizing the productive structures of Italian and international companies. The first is outsourcing, that the readers of this blog know in various facets both from the point of view of production and organization.

What is payroll and why outsourcing it?

What lies behind the mysterious term “payroll management”? It is simply the processing of payroll for employees of a company and all the activities related to it. Today, managing the payroll of a company, especially in Italy, it is not a trivial matter.

How is work changing?

The transformations that affect our society are deep and give rise to long-term analysis of what our society is becoming. One of the elements of greater detachment and profound evolution in recent years is without a doubt everything that concerns the (still ongoing) changes in the working world.

What does core business mean?

Often talking to our Italian customers we use an English word which is not always known, “core business”. What does it mean? The word “business” is familiar to many, but the association with the word “core” makes the expression of at least obscure. This term means simply the main activity carried out by a company in order to make profits.

Service outsourcing in public government

Due to the reorganization and modernization of public administration, in this field as well as in many other industries a growing trend of outsourcing specific functions and services came out. What is the purpose of this reorganization? Simple, the rationalization of economic and human resources that you have available, with the maintenance of qualitative standards.

Healthcare Outsourcing & Management

In a recent report by CeRiSMaS (Centre for Research and Studies in Health Management), entitled “Outsourcing in health care: a model in constant evolution” (in Italian),  some key elements are highlighted for understanding the phenomenon of outsourcing health services and how this impacts on national health service.


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