Outsourcing: what benefits for your company?

The outsourcing of one or more business activities will help your company to increase profits. First of all by saving on a series of management costs. Internally supporting every business department can be the traditional way of doing business. But it may not be the best way to do business. Outsourcing can help you get more revenue. And leave your staff time to focus on crucial processes.

Business Services: Outsourcing and personnel administration

outsourcing esternalizzazione terziarizzazione

Nowadays every company is subject to competitive pressure. It is a factor that has now put in crisis, irreversibly, the traditional business model. It is clear that it is necessary to rethink the new business. Trying to consistently meet the challenges of a world of work has changed. Gruppo La Meridiana provides the solution, offering business services to suit every need.

Logistics: how to reduce costs in 6 steps

logistica outsourcing logistico

Logistics is a very important sector for all companies that need daily materials transport . An efficient logistics service can affect the success of your business. In contrast, a logistics sector that is malfunctioning can cause huge losses of money, but also to customers. It is not so easy to perfectly operate in this business area.

HR Outsourcing: how staff training plan evolves

outsourcing risorse umane piano formazione

Thanks to an extensive experience in the Outsourcing area, Gruppo La Meridiana has developed the most effective strategies about personnel management services. A very important part of these strategies is about staff training. A work team cannot make a good job without an appropriate training that takes account of the business objectives.

Payroll: benefits of Outsourcing management

payroll gestione paghe

To the sector of  human resources are asked to play a more flexible role. Payroll management and personnel administration now is, in effect, a strategic support of innovation for companies. Payroll, therefore, is going to change its organizational model. In an effort to increase the efficiency of the service, to enhance the company as a whole.

Marketing Management: In-House or Outsourcing?

gestione marketing outsourcing

Many companies believe that the best way to make marketing management efficient and effective is to build an internal team that is familiar with the mission. As well as with brand vision. But if your company does not have a team with appropriate resources to carry out this task, it may be very difficult to find the right skills. Both from the research as regards the expense.

Supermarket Management and Outsourcing: everything under control!

For many corporate managers who are looking for a new strategy for supermarket management, it is important to worry about the balance between efficiency and costs control. Outsourcing is the perfect choice for efficiency and for costs. In fact, turning to professionals in the management of supermarkets, you can optimize the different processes, without spending too much.

Outsourcing and automation: this is the year!

outsourcing automazione

All the companies have big plans every time a new year starts. Unfortunately, there are few companies who give up pursuit of the targets, already in January. The reason seems trivial, but it is an important consideration: you can not cover everything alone! We are in a time when outsourcing and automation can help businesses to increase productivity. And to achieve business goals becomes easier.

Logistics Services: profitability at risk for companies

Logistics industry is currently directed to hire professionals quickly. Such as pickers, packers and drivers. However, in a highly competitive environment, this is not enough to ensure profitability and satisfied customers. The lack of specialized skills who can manage the process of distribution of goods, is threatening even for strongest companies.

IT Outsourcing: prospects and trends in 2018

More and more companies consider service providers as an extension of their business. And an increasing number of companies choose to outsource one or more business functions, especially as regards the IT consulting. So,  IT Outsourcing is clearly growing, globally. For the current year, there are 5 major trends in 2018 in the field of outsourcing of Information Technology.


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