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Business Services: Outsourcing and personnel administration

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Nowadays every company is subject to competitive pressure. It is a factor that has now put in crisis, irreversibly, the traditional business model. It is clear that it is necessary to rethink the new business. Trying to consistently meet the challenges of a world of work has changed. Gruppo La Meridiana provides the solution, offering business services to suit every need.

The use of outsourcing it allows businesses to reach and maintain the flexibility and competitiveness necessary to the survival and expansion in the market. Our approach and operational tools we use push the company to refocus its “only” activities of what creates value for the customer.

The benefits of outsourcing

The possible benefits of outsourcing are:

  • reliability of a highly specialized partner;
  • flexibility;
  • easing of corporate offices and internal efficiency gains;
  • certain costs;
  • focusing on business-value-added;
  • availability of data;
  • Integration with other systems for the management of human resources;
  • security and privacy of sensitive data;
  • elimination of variables and the presence of personnel internal costs dedicated.


Our cooperative can then help companies improve their performance. Without resorting to costly and risky investments. Companies can therefore compete effectively with increasingly powerful competitors.

Through instruments such as outsourcing you can improve revenues through continued focus on core business activities. And reduce costs through intelligent and targeted reduction of generated within the company that do not respond to real needs expressed by the customer.

By outsourcing you do have the ability to transform the fixed company’s costs  into variable costs. And rely administrative tasks not specific to a firm’s partners that makes it the only company mission. So with the Outsourcing are released internal resources that can be used for more strategic activities for the company.

Outsourcing consists in entrusting an external company of repetitive tasks but not strategic (that do not create added value) to the enterprise.

Personnel Administration Services

The Personnel Administration Services ensure the timely and accurate processing and payment of its obligations to all staff of the company. In compliance with provisions of the contract and of the laws, through the correct application of processes, operating procedures and established computer programs, ensuring the functional link with the administration service personnel.

Among the critical areas of personnel management ranks administration (so-called pay-roll area).

Increasingly, the Department of Human Resources expresses the need to abandon “time consuming” operations  to focus on more strategic and management activities for the benefit of the entire organization. The processing of slips and all the activities related to it (eg. Contracts) are very onerous for the company in terms of time and use of resources. In addition, they are activities that require a constant update of the people and applications. In general, there is a very good chance that any company can save with external services of payroll and personnel administration.

Personnel Administration Outsourcing

The outsourced payroll services are usually integrated with other products such as:

  • attendance;
  • shifts of personnel:
  • access control;
  • Budget staff;
  • Human Resource Management.

Managing people means a lot more than just the application of rules concerning the employment relationship. A company excellent reserve, no doubt, great care to pay, safety at work and, in respect of tax and social security rules. The skills required are very complex and are not always assets of the company.

These operations are very difficult and if employees are not well trained and updated in this regard is easy to make mistakes that can cost you money and good name. All payroll services They are very costly in terms of managerial and economically for the company and seek cooperative outsourcing as Gruppo La Meridiana saves from all points of view. With the certainty of getting a professional job performance, specialized and constantly updated.

Our cooperative offers both consulting projects, to support the company’s internal resources to the rationalization of payroll processes and outsourcing projects, in order to identify the right level of outsourcing of personnel services and provide the highly specialized partnerships qualified in personnel administration. Contact us today.

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