Our “Circus Project”

Team spirit in life and work

For more than twelve years we have provided qualified personnel to companies in several sectors. The Gruppo La Meridiana is made up of many co-operatives, providing their services to the companies we work with every day.

Some time ago I saw some workers setting up a circus. I thought:

“…when do the artists arrive?”

Seeing the show, a few days later, I realized that the people I had called “workers” were actually the acrobats, clowns and animal trainers who were performing in front of me. What a team spirit and humbleness!

As the Head of Marketing at Gruppo La Meridiana, I believe in working as a team. No one can do it alone: workers facing uncertainty, entrepreneurs increasingly burdened with taxes and administration tasks.

Together we win.

Using the same synergy of a circus where everyone does their part, we constantly strive to give companies practical solutions to everyday problems.

Gabriele Di Carlo

My name is Gabriele Di Carlo, I’m the Head of HR for La Meridiana soc.coop. A few weeks ago I was offered the position of Chief Marketing Officer.

I accepted because new challenges are always interesting,  and this new work greatly enriches my professional background .

After the first days of enthusiasm, I founnd myself at my desk thinking:

“Chief Marketing Officer… where do I start ?”

I type in “marketing” on Google , and from here another question:

“How can I convince an employer to choose us , the Consortium Group La Meridiana , when the market already offers everything and more? “

I tell myself the same question day and night.

I think :

” You know , advertising is the soul of business, if I make enough noise (newspapers, magazines etc.) Surely someone will listen to me !”

I was convinced to have found the winning idea for this challenge.

One night , returning home , I find myself stuck in traffic . A little ‘ impatient , I tell myself , “Okay , since I have to sit still put up with the idea for the new adventure .”

I remember that for sure, a word optimistic, but not winning .

Meanwhile, the traffic decreases, and I see a caravan of trucks ; approaching I realize that this is the circus.

The next morning I leave the house to go to work. Passing in front of the parking lot where the night before they had stopped the trucks , I see people who are beginning to set up the circus.

I think ” What choice of busy life , congratulations .” For me to put down roots in a place is very important. I go to work , always trying to find new marketing ideas .

In the evening , passing always dealing with the same parking lot , I see that there is still a group of hard working people in the preparation of the circus. From trucks take all the necessary equipment , and you can already see the animals that will give life to the show.

Watching these workers , a question comes to mind :

” When they arrive tamers , acrobats and clowns happening ? “

A singer , for example, is always late on stage, singing his songs and runs away. And who mounts the stage? The actors arrive on set , recite and then others will fix everything.

Curious, I said to myself :

“Step in here all day , surely I see it” .

The days go by , I see the circus completed gradually . The workers did a really great job.

The first show is on a Saturday at 16.00 . I come home and I get my 4 year old daughter to go with me: for she would be the first time at the circus , for me a way to satisfy a curiosity.

Sabbath comes , the show is sold out , full of people of all ages and of all colors : This is one of the miracles of the circus.

I can again see the arrival of the artists . The show begins .

Join the presenter , between the roar of the crowd and the excitement of the children , the stars.

Enter the clowns : truccatissimi are , but they do not know of a family .

The show goes on , it is time of the trapeze : cheers to no end while hovering in the air. The faces of the trapeze … I think he had already seen.

And here is the most delicate moment . Enter the tamer with the cage of lions. While performing to perfection their number , the audience is silent.

To look good the trainer , I am aware of why those faces so familiar .

The people who for days have called ” workers ” were all there to perform.

That estimates for these people ! It must be a passion that has nothing to do with the money.

The show ends with applause , some babies cry wanting it to continue.

My daughter has the adrenaline going home to a thousand, and tells his mom.

Seeing her so happy I was told that the money for the circus had been well spent. So glad to see a child is priceless.

After a couple of weeks , passing in front of the tent , I see artists / workers that begin to dismantle everything .

I stop and think : “I have to ask them what drives them each time to bring the truck to a new destination , mount the awning, perform , disassemble everything and start again … who makes you do ? “

Out of the car and I turn to the trainer and trapeze artist , who are dismantling the bleachers .

” Congratulations on your skill and courage ! And especially how do you entertain the kids . “

“I have seen it coming , mount the circus, do shows and start over. Who gives you the strength to do all this? What kind of marketing do you do to ensure that all shows are sold out ?

The tamer , intent to unscrew the bolt , she replies :

“We chose this life because it is what we do and we want to show the world . The marketing? Impossible to guarantee a full house , like all entrepreneurs run the risk to live doing what we like . “

“Our strength ” – he continues – ” is that each of us is a business , and this allows us to overcome various difficulties together , sharing joys and sorrows .”

Nowadays, entrepreneurs are increasingly alone . The state is not there, just ask . The staff often does not include the time that you cross .

I am grateful to these people, who know how to face life with humility and determination. This experience made ​​me realize how to deal with the speech ” marketing” and answer the original question :

“How can I convince an employer to choose us , the Consortium Group La Meridiana , when the market already offers everything and more? “

Entrepreneurs need to feel listened to , reassured. What we can do is to give an answer to any problem can be.

Together we win .

We recreate the atmosphere of the circus : they all do it all with a common purpose , that of a living doing what he likes , and create wealth for themselves and for others.


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