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HR Outsourcing: how staff training plan evolves

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Thanks to an extensive experience in the Outsourcing area, Gruppo La Meridiana has developed the most effective strategies about personnel management services. A very important part of these strategies is about staff training. A work team cannot make a good job without an appropriate training that takes account of the business objectives. Productivity means growth and the success of a company is greater safety for employees too.

What are the main points of a staff training plan?

-Analysis: like any decent “plan”, also staff training plan starts with analysis. In this case we need to focus 4 various specific aspects. A) Analysis of the structure and of business activities. B) Analysis of the objectives to be achieved with and for staff. C) Analysis of tasks, roles, responsibilities and skills that are necessary. D) Analysis of employees existing performance and of the steps still lacking for the creation of the ideal team.

Assessment: assessment methods for staff production capacity shall be established in this step. Consequently, also the decisions about training methods are made here (training tools, timetable, places etc).

Start: training procedures start in this step and the staff will be instructed and assessed in accordance with methods and objectives provided for. You must be careful about staff response on the training method used. If it becomes clear that something is wrong, you must act immediately.

Monitoring: what staff gained through the training must to be put into practice and monitored. Monitoring staff activities allows you to understand plan is up and running good.

Final assessment: is the gap between the “old” team and the new covered? Have you achieved your intended objectives? Is your company into every role covered? And what about growth and productivity? If the answers to these questions are positive, yours is a perfect staff training plan. On the contrary, thanks to the monitoring, you can learn from your mistakes and you can make appropriate corrections.

Not all the business activities may be easily followed. In particular, personnel management is a complicated and “unpredictable” operation. To deal with people than with things means to have security and experience: you need to be able in the face of unforeseen events caused by human error. It is important to keep in mind that staff training is strongly linked to a good marketing strategy. A very well trained staff is able to play particular services and this will allow your company distinguishes itself from competition. Moreover, your staff needs to be ready to connect with any customer target: in this way your business will attract many more people.

Professionalism is the safest route of quality

Finally, we want to remember that staff is also the picture of a hotel. This means that your employees must to have manners and take care of their appearance.

Gruppo La Meridiana is able to join general and special objectives. So, we offer our effective support in personnel management, without being blind to the possibilities. Although we keep urging that Outsourcing is not a means of escape, but another means to achieve success. Our experience is the added value for growth and development of your company.

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