HR Management

Personnel selection: the Professional Recruiter skills

Personnel selection the Professional Recruiter skills

The recruitment of new human resources requires a very careful work by the recruiter in charge. We want to put at your disposal our long experience in this area. Below you will find a number of tips on how to effectively carry out the recruitment procedure.Our management has professionals who can guide you listening, analysis and support of candidates.

HR Management: 5 Reasons to outsource Human Resources

ufficio risorse umane

The area of Human Resources can be the most productive of the departments of your company. When the industry doesn’t operates at a lower level than optimal, the manager will be able to devote himself to higher goals. According to support the company’s growth. Indeed, both the leaders that those involved in HR management, should always be able to focus their attention on a growth target.

Payroll: benefits of Outsourcing management

payroll gestione paghe

To the sector of  human resources are asked to play a more flexible role. Payroll management and personnel administration now is, in effect, a strategic support of innovation for companies. Payroll, therefore, is going to change its organizational model. In an effort to increase the efficiency of the service, to enhance the company as a whole.

Corporate leadership: what influences your team?

business leadership

Nobody said it was easy to be a manager. Who’s got the corporate leadership must coordinate one or more work teams. And align projects with business goals. In addition, the leader is to be considered as the main source of professional development for employees. Managing everything and everyone to achieve goals is certainly difficult.

Supermarket Management: all the responsibilities of the cashier

gestione supermercati outsourcing

The greatest and most important responsibility  of a supermarket cashier is to make sure that the customer bait satisfied from the store. It is amazing to discover how many responsibilities are delegated to a cashier. And often these duties have little to do with money. For this reason, not all the people may be able to play this role. Of course, not without proper training.

HR management: vulnerability and leadership

gestione HR empowerment

There are some interesting new theories on how to guide the work of human resources to achieve maximum. When it comes to HR management, it is inevitable to refer to the concept of leadership. A leader has inevitably the reins of the game. And he is responsible for the strengthening of his team’s activities.

Recruitment and Retention: how to plan your business

recruitment e retention reclutamento conservazione dipendenti

Recruitment and Retention of employees are two human resource management methods that require careful strategic planning. The talent management is extremely important for your business. On the other hand, the most valuable assets for your business are talent, experience and skills of your workforce. Recruiting and retaining the best talent can increase the value of your organization.

Personnel Administration: human resources and profit

amministrazione del personale strategia aziendale

Personnel administration, in the last 20 years, has assumed an increasingly important strategic role. In fact, a good strategy for the management of human resources, can greatly affect company’s profits. One of the main challenges for HR leaders currently, is to convince the executive management that human capital is one of the most important resources on which the company can invest.

Human Resources Recruitment : the importance of emotional intelligence

reclutamento risorse umane intelligenza emotiva

Companies are looking to hire, for some years, new staff members who possess, first of all, a strong emotional intelligence. This is because, ultimately, there is the conviction that this feature is the basis of a more harmonious workplace. Where empathy and understanding are important as the success and ambition.

Soft Skills: the 10 abilities of the perfect employee

soft skills competenze morbide

If you are looking for new talent to be included in your company, there are many aspects that you should consider. In particular, the candidate’s skills. In general, there are two types of skills. Those more specific and tangible techniques that can be defined. That is demonstrable through previous experience or testing.


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