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Human Resources Recruitment : the importance of emotional intelligence

reclutamento risorse umane intelligenza emotiva

Companies are looking to hire, for some years, new staff members who possess, first of all, a strong emotional intelligence. This is because, ultimately, there is the conviction that this feature is the basis of a more harmonious workplace. Where empathy and understanding are important as the success and ambition. On this basis and as for the latest human resources recruitment strategies, we have identified some key elements of emotional intelligence. The basic assumption is that every staff member can and should be a leader. Managing to keep temper and control, regardless of the problems it is facing.

Human Resources Recruitment : What is emotional intelligence

Before launching into further explanation, it is essential to understand what is the emotional intelligence.

In general, it is the ability to manage emotions and those of the people around. People with a high level of emotional intelligence know what they’re trying. They know their emotions and how they can affect other people.

For modern enterprises it is essential to recruit resources with emotional intelligence, for success. After all, who are more likely to be successful: a staff tried to stress, or a calm and careful work team?

There are five key elements that characterize emotional intelligence:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-regulation
  3. Motivation
  4. Empathy
  5. Social skills


Employees who has self-consciousness, knows their emotions. And know how their actions can affect the people around them. Being self-conscious is to have a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses. It means behaving with humility. Without self-awareness, you can not achieve a viable and lasting leadership.


About who has an effective self-control, seldom verbally attacking others. Nor take instinctive decisions that compromise the personal and corporate values.

This element of emotional intelligence also includes the flexibility and commitment to responsibility.


Motivated employees work constantly to achieve their goals. And they have extremely high levels of attention to the quality of their work.


Empathetic employees play a vital role in team work management and company’s success. Who has empathy is able to put himself in another’s shoes. Helping colleagues to develop their skills by challenging the injustices, giving constructive feedback and listening to those who need it.

From Empathy it depends the respect and loyalty of a team towards the company.

Social skills

Who owns social skills is a great communicator. This type of employees is well prepared to hear both good and bad news. These are people able to support, encourage and convince their colleagues in the pursuit of new and old business missions.

Social skills also include the ability to manage change and conflict, so always diplomatic. Ultimately, it comes to model employees who through their behavior they are an example for others.

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