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HR management: vulnerability and leadership

gestione HR empowerment

There are some interesting new theories on how to guide the work of human resources to achieve maximum. When it comes to HR management, it is inevitable to refer to the concept of leadership. A leader has inevitably the reins of the game. And he is responsible for the strengthening of his team’s activities. It seems counter intuitive, but modern research has shown that the vulnerability has created a new type of corporate leadership. That is, a leader who understands what is missing, will fill the gaps strengthening his position and improving the management of human resources.

Unlocking the latent potential, in any business, it is to understand people at a deeper level. It is a new perspective, but fundamental. In the world of modern business, a company can not maximize the performance if it does not find a way to deepen connections.

HR management: the concept of Empowerment

To find the evolution in human resource management strategies, we must try and create a new corporate culture. The latter should include the concept of empowerment.

Empowerment is the process of improving the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.

In essence, it is to exploit the power of what is inside each of us. We all have attitudes and perspectives that derive from our upbringing and our experiences. The secret is to create a personal connection culture where human resources can feel safe to be authentic.

In this way it creates an environment in which leaders and staff feel safe to take risks together. At the same time, it is an environment where everyone can ask for help when needed.

Also in this context it includes the concept of vulnerability. Ask for help or just simply make an application may seem a sign of weakness. In fact, the good HR management teaches us to challenge … even the boss!

Outsource Human Resources: what are the benefits?

It is not easy to implement a personnel management successful program.That’s why more companies rely to Outsourcing. It is not just a matter of saving money or time. As noted above, there is a whole strategic and psychological aspect that often, due to lack of experience, many companies underestimate.

According to some recent statistics:

  1. 26% of companies outsource human resources sector to save money
  2. 23% of companies outsource human resources sector  in order to focus on planning strategies
  3. 22% of companies outsource human resources sector  to regularize conformity
  4. 21% of companies outsource human resources sector  to improve the accuracy
  5. 19% of companies outsource human resources sector due to in-house lack of experience
  6. 18% of companies outsource human resources sector  to take advantage of technological advances, such as for example, the strategic analysis.

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