HR Management

Talent management: why a good manager is so rare?

talent management

Recent statistics show how companies, in 80% of cases, fail to choose the right candidate for the role of manager. At the same time, a bad manager can lose the company a lot of money and reputation.

Business Management: The Importance of Organizational Behavior

business management comportamento organizzativo

Organizational Behavior refers to the way in which individuals and groups interact within the enterprise and towards it. Combine a series of strategic behavior means creating a business climate that can enhance the success of your company. But, if done incorrectly, it can harm your survival. When a company manages everything in-house, it might be difficult to recognize the role of right models.

HR management: the best way to reward employees

gestione hr sistema riconoscimento dipendenti

Every company should develop a strategic system to reward employees.The plan should branch out in four directions: compensation, benefits, recognition and appreciation. With regard to HR management, there are two difficulties for companies. On the one hand, not all managers turn their attention to all four of the above directions.

HR Trends: Beacon, the “motivational” app for employees

competenze hr

Born from the project of six talents, including three Italians, Beacon is a new professional platform that is winning the first places in the ranking of HR trends of the near future. Thanks to this application, managers, directors and executives can monitor in a more organized and profitable way staff involvement in their jobs.

Staff Training: Outsourcing VS In-House

formazione staff outsourcing

Keeping employee training within the company ensures to HR department a total control over the development of the program. However, instead entrusting the staff training to an  Outsourcing services provider means to take advantage of a team of experienced professionals which will surely increase the skills of workers.

Human Resources: how to measure the ROI of training programs

risorse umane

As a leader of the HR department, your greater commitment is to identify the best methods to develop the work of your team, in order to maintain high competitiveness of your business. Most of the chances of success for the realization of this goal is related to education. Often, however, many department heads spend more time to understand the “when” rather than focusing on the “how”.

Business Retention: the keys of the preservation of the employees

human resources

It is difficult to create a successful business without an effective employee engagement.
So much so that, at present, any manager, especially in the hospitality industry, have adopted or are adopting the strategy of business retention. Often profitably.

Human Resources: is your company ready for Generation Z?

Human Resources Generation Z

Within a few years, a new generation of employees will replace the workforce in enterprises. We are talking about the so-called Generation Z, which will take place gradually, the Millennials. We could define Generation Z as the first true digital natives. This, inevitably, will have an impact on business processes. With all the advantages of the case.

HR Analytics: the 8 rules that every manager should know

hr analytics

It goes without saying that human resources are vital to the success of any business.There is no doubt that any company can attract the right skills and manage talent effectively . As well as use the resource’s capacity efficiently and to retain those employees on which you intend to invest in the long term.

HR Competencies: how to improve the company’s organizational performance

competenze hr

To understand the new trends in the HR sector, we need to understand the “story” of human resource management. It should also reflect on the nature and evolution of the economic environment over the years and the political and organizational needs that have characterized the evolution of the world of work.


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