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Corporate leadership: what influences your team?

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Nobody said it was easy to be a manager. Who’s got the corporate leadership must coordinate one or more work teams. And align projects with business goals. In addition, the leader is to be considered as the main source of professional development for employees. Managing everything and everyone to achieve goals is certainly difficult. But what many people underestimate is that the team manager habits can affect employees. If you do not pay attention to this aspect, it is likely to cause side effects on corporate culture and how employees are approaching it.

Corporate leadership: when I work you have to do the same?

Several studies have been recently made about the correlation between the leader’s behavior and that of his team.

It is been proven that, intentionally or not, managers who work until late at night, reported the expectation that their subordinates behave in the same way.

According to these investigations, it is not uncommon for people to try to anticipate the work of the week by sending e-mail on Sunday night. Even if they do not expect the recipients read and respond immediately. However, in most cases, employees of managers who behave in this way are brought to do the same.

Same goes for meetings. Many leaders seem inclined to communicate that no matter pay attention. For example, sending e-mail during meetings. This type of behavior affects the team, with twice as likely, will be brought to engage in other activities while working.

Although multitasking symbolizes efficiency, in certain contexts it can create a distraction. This could mean losing part of the conversation. Consequently, different interpretations may arise regarding a decision. In severe cases, you may miss important opportunities.

A leader who behaves in this way, conveys disregard of other people’s time and team contribution.

Professionalism comes from experience

There are many companies that choose to outsource one or more departments because of obvious deficiencies in corporate leadership.

Outsourcing Services , in fact, do not have the sole purpose of optimizing and possibly decrease expenses. Outsourcing is also synonymous with quality. For example, in human resource management, business leadership is essential.

When a team is not managed properly and the manager is not able to convey the right values to its employees, it is affected the entire production process.

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