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Recruitment and Retention: how to plan your business

recruitment e retention reclutamento conservazione dipendenti

Recruitment and Retention of employees are two human resource management methods that require careful strategic planning. The talent management is extremely important for your business. On the other hand, the most valuable assets for your business are talent, experience and skills of your workforce. Recruiting and retaining the best talent can increase the value of your organization.

Recruitment and Retention: definitions and applications

Let’s see more closely the meaning of recruitment and retention. Analyzing areas and methods of application of the most suitable strategies to optimize the management of human resources.


The labor experts who devise creative ways to recruit the most qualified candidates increase, in fact, the visibility of the company. Speaking to professional associations, or by offering seminars and other activities that bring the business to expose itself on the market.

The first step, therefore, is to demonstrate to the community that your organization is the first choice. In this way, the most qualified candidates will turn to you, thinking about making a good investment.

In this sense, it is also recommended to participate in specifically events dedicated to recruiting . Such fairs or meeting forum always attract hundreds of applicants.

A good HR leader already knows that the loyalty of the employee begins with recruitment. So to attract top talent, many managers offer bonuses and incentives for hiring.


Let therefore the step of maintaining best employees. It is probably one of the most challenging commitments for human resources sector .

The development of a retention strategy requires special skills in knowing how to identify, within your team, two types of employees:

  • those who are more likely to look for opportunities elsewhere
  • those who are the most valuable resources for your business.

After this necessary distinction, you can begin processing your retention strategies. The most immediate and easy way is to use incentives and bonuses for top talent. Here are any promotions.

The dry and immediate increase of salary, as much as it might seem a more immediate reward, it is not however considered the ideal way to retain employees. They could come and create disputes, culminating in accusations of discrimination.

Finally, another important tip: remember that talent creates talent! Your own staff can play a key role in recruiting and retaining the best employees. This is because, often, individuals who share certain values, and ways of doing tasks, tend to bind together. Therefore, it will be easier to spot talent, thanks to the talents!

Human Resources Outsourcing : the strategy that you do not expect!

We repeat tirelessly: good management of human capital is essential for success!

Establish a strategic Recruitment and Retention planning  is critical. Many companies do not have internal resources to deal with the human resource management. And here’s the strategy that you do not expect: the Outsourcing.

Thanks to the experience of the Gruppo La Meridiana professionals , your company can count on high-quality services for all matters concerning the administration of the staff. From recruiting to retention of human capital.

All this, with a concrete money and energy saving . Contact us now for all the information you need.

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