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Soft Skills: the 10 abilities of the perfect employee

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If you are looking for new talent to be included in your company, there are many aspects that you should consider. In particular, the candidate’s skills. In general, there are two types of skills. Those more specific and tangible techniques that can be defined. That is demonstrable through previous experience or testing. And those relating to less obvious skill, but very important: the so-called soft skills. It is less specialized skills that align with the general capacity of the applicant and his personality. Important examples of soft skills include communication, teamwork and problem solving.

This kind of skills mainly concern attitudes and insights. Being able to demonstrate these skills is, for the candidate, a great chance to be successful. But for companies, grasp certain nuances, can make a real difference in the recruitment of top talent.

Soft Skills: why are they important?

The“softs kills” represent the difference between an adequate candidate and an ideal candidate. In most competitive sectors, recruitment criteria can not stop techniques and specialized knowledge capacity.

The HR managers must be able, for the good of the company, to look for people who can become leaders. The leadership itself depends on several core competencies.

To make a clear example of the importance of soft skills, consider the work of a doctor. He is required to have a wide repertoire of specialized skills. But a doctor who does not even possess emotional intelligence, who can not inspire confidence and who does not provide access, will be little appreciated by his patients.

Similarly, a seller with excellent market knowledge, will find it difficult to carry on their work, without the skill of negotiation.

The soft skills also are important not only when dealing with customers. Rather, they appear to be fundamental also when it comes to interacting with colleagues. For who has this kind of ability he is able to work with others and to encourage the group.

A productive and healthy working environment depends on the soft skills.

After all, in fact, the workplace is an interpersonal space where relationships are to be built. There should be exchange of perspectives. But above all, it is an environment where you need to be able to resolve conflicts.

What are the soft skills of the perfect worker?

After this premise, let’s see, in general, what are the 10 soft skills that a recruiter is called to recognize:

  1. Communication
  2. Motivation
  3. Leadership
  4. Responsibility
  5. Teamwork
  6. Problem Solving
  7. Decisiveness
  8. Ability to work under pressure and time management
  9. Flexibility
  10. Negotiation and conflict resolution

They are skills that are self-explanatory. And from which you can draw a profile of a worker who can significantly influence the success of a business.

It is not easy to know how to identify the soft skills of a candidate. And that is why many companies choose to entrust management of human resources in outsourcing, with excellent results. With the experience of professionals, such as those of Gruppo La Meridiana, you also can have the best team possible for your company!


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