Personnel Outsourcing in Rome

Personnel Recruitment and Outsourcing of Human Resources

Rome: our Consortium and the challenge of the outsourcing

Rome is the center, the focal point of the outsourcing activities of the group La Meridiana. In more than ten years of activity, our Cooperative has helped numerous companies and organizations providing staff in outsourcing in Rome in various professional fields.

Although it operates throughout Italy, Rome is the starting point,  where there is a large part of our business of management and administration of the sales, social health, hotel facilities staff.

Un progetto su misura per la tua impresa

I nostri servizi per le aziende: contattaci per un progetto su misura

La Meridiana offre soluzioni per il personale a imprese in vari settori. Lasciaci un recapito e dicci qualcosa sulla tua azienda per scoprire come possiamo aiutarti.


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The outsourcing of the sales personnel in Rome

When the amount of workers required is large, it’s difficult for companies take on the selection process of human resources. The management of the HR (Human Resources), among other things, does not stop there. Daily work of management, administration and monitoring is required to ensure there are no complain from both sides.

The outsourcing of staff, in Rome as in other cities, allows companies to make use of warehousemen, desk operators, cashiers (to mention only some of the professionals involved) without having to follow long procedures and without having to deal with a huge amount of bureaucracy.

The outsourcing of  social-health personnel in Rome

Thanks to the invaluable contribution of the Cooperative XI Luglio, the Consortium provides an outsourcing personnel service of. Many professionals involved: from assistants to senior educators, doctors to nurses.

Education center, hospital, or private companies that need fastly new human resources find in us a reference point. New cooperatives daily ask to join to the Consortium to create a profitable partnership.

Hotel staff outsourcing in Rome

The Group La Meridiana, with the collaboration of a professional and high-specialized staff , it is able to ensure the highest quality standards, making it a true and reliable partner for hotel facilities, constantly optimizing the services in the interest of the clients.



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