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Personnel selection: the Professional Recruiter skills

Personnel selection the Professional Recruiter skills

The recruitment of new human resources requires a very careful work by the recruiter in charge. We want to put at your disposal our long experience in this area. Below you will find a number of tips on how to effectively carry out the recruitment procedure.Our management has professionals who can guide you listening, analysis and support of candidates. Gruppo La Meridiana believes the recruiting process behind the success of any business. This is why we believe it is important to dwell on the qualities that any good recruiter should have.

Personnel selection: the management of the recruiting phases

We have identified several necessary breeder capacity, corresponding to the different phases of the interview and the choice of new operators.

Firstly , it is essential that the Recruiter is professional and prepared. Keep in mind one main factor: a candidate must pull out its potential, but the breeder should be able to understand the level. It ‘also important that the recruiter has the necessary knowledge to be able to respond to all requests of the applicant and to be able to ask some specific questions.

Each company has its own requirements. A well-tested team is one whose needs match well with those of society.

After a first stage of knowledge it is crucial to go into details. The recruiter, with good communication and, above all, with sincerity, will drop the candidate within the company.

During our talks, we never fail to ask the stakeholders how they would behave in certain situations. Or what they think about certain issues. The skills are important, but the spirit of initiative and flexibility are even more.

Imagine choosing a hotel housekeeper because the person boasts a decade of experience in a hotel. Well, that may have had very different characteristics from yours. Sometimes it is better to take a beginner and train him on your business model, rather than undermine the principles and methods of a person already educated, but in another context.

An intelligent Recruiter is forward looking. He must be able to grasp all the opportunities that the contribution of a particular person can offer to the company.

How do you create a successful team?

The personnel selection does not end with the choice of the employee. A professional recruiter must make sure that the new resource is integrated as soon as possible with the rest of the staff. At the same time, it is good to prepare the same reception professional staff of the new colleague.

You have to remember that a successful team always has certain requirements. Which in this case are the following:

  1. A group of people working together must be “diversified.” This means it is important to hire people of different ages, gender, nationality and professional backgrounds. With the aim of exploiting the abilities and potential of each.
  2. A successful staff works according to certain hierarchies established in line with business objectives. This means that everyone knows their responsibilities and respect the duties of the others.
  3. A strong team is a team that communicates and rowing in the same direction.
  4. A good team is made that even an efficient monitoring.

If behind the organization of the staff there is an excellent HR management, the company is somehow braking. The success is always in the hands of the worker.

Gruppo La Meridiana, as a leader of Outsourcing services in in Italy,offers the most practical and innovative solutions to manage human resources at best.

The personnel selection is the first rung of the corporate ladder. If the step is done correctly, you can only go up. Otherwise the fall risk is always around the corner.

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