HR Management

HR Department: what does it involve?

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Defining HR Department is perhaps a bit too vague. In fact, it is not always clear tasks of this office. The area of personnel manages many of the issues relating to a company’s employees. From recruitment to benefits, through the creation and implementation of specific long-term strategies for growth and business development.

Human Resources: the best strategies for personnel management

A strategy of human resources management is a business plan that aims to optimize the area of personnel. It is a true guide for the company, which ensures the best possible organization for everything related to the work of the staff. Each point of a human resources management strategy must obviously be in line with the overall business strategy.

HR Retention: the most common strategies

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HR Retention refers to the ability to retain employees. It is a primary goal of any good development HR program. Often underestimated, this aspect would be enough for the resignation of a qualified operator to affect the balance and the whole team activities. Also, continually hiring new employees requires a huge economic effort and management.

HR Management: 10 principles of communication in business

HR Management

What a HR leaders must always keep in mind is that an employee wants to play a significant role in the company. All staff members need to feel part of a community. To work for a common cause. To be appreciated. However, most managers tend to assume that an employee only refer to a good salary, the safety of the workplace and possible promotions.

Human Resources: work ethic, behavior and productivity

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Every employer expects the staff to behave in a consistent manner  with the mission and the company’s objectives. When defining the rules for behavior in the company, the manager sets expectations about acceptable behavior. A positive approach to maintaining high standards for what concerns the work ethic usually creates a productive environment.

Human Resources: 9 key points that motivate employees

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When we wake up in the morning, which we thought is good to start the day? And it is work-related? Quite simply, most of us would answer that what we charge for the workday is no more than the gain. In truth, employee motivation is studied by professionals experts for decades . The results of such research should be studied and applied by every  Human Resources manager.

HR management: how to optimize direct and indirect costs

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The department of human resources is one of the most critical areas within any company. Wrongly, however, the HR sector is often seen almost exclusively as a “cost”. To increase the performance of personnel management should first examine and evaluate the department’s inefficiencies. So, being able to create a cost management strategy to optimize the HR process in its entirety.

HR Management : Agile strategy for human resources

HR management, in recent years, it has undergone a revolution. Just as the world of work, in its entirety. At one time, staff management  was based on a purely administrative concept. Human resources were managed in a similar manner with respect to all other resources. Later, it was introduced the training approach, with the aim (and the need) to develop specialist skills.

Gestione HR: la strategia Agile per le risorse umane

L’area della gestione HR, negli ultimi anni, è andata incontro ad una vera e propria rivoluzione. Così come il mondo del lavoro, nella sua totalità. Un tempo, la gestione del personale si basava su un concetto puramente amministrativo. Le risorse umane venivano gestite in modo simile rispetto a tutte le altre risorse.

Personnel Management: what do they want employees?

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What do they want employees from their work and their company? If the HR manager would concentrate on the answer to this question, companies could develop better strategies for attracting, recruiting and personnel management. The statistics indicate that, in recent years, one in three employees changed job expressing dissatisfaction or to have had a better proposal.


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