HR Management

Success Qualities for Leaders

People that lead from within usually have a sense of purpose and have a vision for the company that influences their approach to work. The Group La Meridiana, thanks to years of experience in close contact with companies in various sectors, has researched what the main features are and what actions to take to be successful leaders.

Benefits personalization: a new interesting trend

Often the term benefit is used to indicate special privileges reserved for managerial levels of a company, but it is not only like that. In fact, more and more companies of medium and large size are acquiring benefits systems reserved to all employees, in a view of human resources development.

The importance of conflict management

In any type of working activity conflict may be seen as a possible component of it. Within the organization it can be defined as “an interactive process that is manifested by incompatibility, disagreement, or dissonance within or between social entities such as individuals, groups or organizations” (Rahim, 2001).

Team building: a way to enhance the teamwork

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A solid and harmonious working group is the basis for the success of any job.

What kind of leader are you?

In each group – families, groups of friends, job groups – there are one or more people who play the role of leader.
Leadership: a definition
Leadership can be defined as the “interaction of people who in a structured organisation occupy the highest position – otherwise known as a leader – with the rest of the group.

Come creare un clima di fiducia in azienda

La fiducia, si sa, è il collante di ogni relazione. Anche e soprattutto in quelle lavorative. Strettamente legata al concetto di retention, diventa quindi imprescindibile per il buon funzionamento di ogni realtà aziendale.

What is “Smarter Working”?

The world of work is changing rapidly. Needs evolve, and with them the way you deal with them should also change .

For some time, in particular it comes to Working Smarter, a business philosophy developed by Plantronics, the American multinational leader in cutting-edge audio solutions for communication.

Gener Equality in the Italian Workplace

Many international brands established in various fields in recent years have made ​​the issue of gender equality, a real cornerstone of their corporate policy in terms of recruitment .

This is actually the outcome of a very long and complex historical process, the result of long struggles and achievements of the campaign have paid off in many ways.

How to increase employees’ productivity

Many companies aim to increase the productivity of their workers, but many of them really struggle to change something and achieve the desired result. Recent studies carried out in the United States reveal that the vast majority of employees of medium-large companies are less productive and are not incentivized properly. Here are some tips from business magazine Forbes.

How to be successful in the workplace

What changes are happening in the world of work ? What transformations affect companies, workers, businesses and all the people in them? In the book “The Startup of You”, Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha distill important lessons to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s business world.


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