Marketing Management: In-House or Outsourcing?

gestione marketing outsourcing

Many companies believe that the best way to make marketing management efficient and effective is to build an internal team that is familiar with the mission. As well as with brand vision. But if your company does not have a team with appropriate resources to carry out this task, it may be very difficult to find the right skills. Both from the research as regards the expense.

Customer Retention and Artificial Intelligence: new strategies

Today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with a deluge of advertising and promotions. Enough to have tired of too many options for a single product. What consumers today want most is personal attention. The best brands of the moment can satisfy this need. But not everyone can be Amazon or Netflix.

Predictive Marketing: The Future in customer loyalty

marketing predittivo

A good business is able to give its customers what they ask for. Through the creation of a research channel with all necessary filters. But a large company must always be one step ahead. Steve Jobs said: “Customers do not know what they want until we showed it to them!”. This is exactly the basic concept of predictive marketing. The average customer tends to focus on things he already knows.

Business strategies: how to identify the needs of customers

employee retention

Between business strategy, identify needs of customers is and should be an integral part of the marketing program planned by management. On the other hand, understanding the needs of a client helps the business to refine the project for development of products and services offered, the communication program, and distribution choices.

Inbound Marketing: What is it and what are the benefits?

inbound marketing

The definition Inbound Marketing indicates a type of corporate advertising that is based on be found by potential customers. In essence, it is the opposite manner than the traditional Marketing. With the Inbound is aimed primarily on content, to win the customers. This type of strategy is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

Marketing Strategies: the trends of the moment

marketing strategies

No longer makes sense, now, to think that a company can achieve success without implementing one or more marketing strategies. The web has revolutionized the concept of business, as more and more constant use of social networks. On the other hand, the figures speak for themselves. About 40% of the budget spent by the companies, for advertising, has been invested in the web or in digital.

Marketing department: in-house or outsourcing?

ufficio marketing department

The communications office, in modern business, it is increasingly important business area. The conquest of new markets has become a key objective for all those who want to aim for steady and, above all, stable growth . For this, the management of marketing department can no longer be thought of exclusively in a cost-cutting environment. The skills required, in fact, increase.

Business Marketing: Top mistakes of travel marketers

Travel industry is a very competitive space, especially now with more and more travel startups coming to existence. If you want to promote your business and acquire new customers your online presence is the key. In this context, Gruppo La Meridiana presents to you top 5 mistakes travel marketers make in the online space.

Outsourcing and Consulting: how to build a winning sales strategy

Very few steps are needed to build a winning marketing strategy. First of all, a successful advertising strategy has to be developed together and coherently with your company’s business plan. This will ensure that your marketing campaign will accomplish the goals you expect of it.

Outsourcing Marketing department

ufficio marketing department

Among the various activities and areas that a company can outsource there are usually all those activities that are not as critical to their business but marketing has always been a question mark.


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