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Payroll: personnel administration in the future

Payroll outsourcing

The new enterprise technologies have transformed the personnel administration. That is no longer simply a sector that generates only data. We are talking about technologies such as Cloud. That has allowed international companies to expand further and faster than ever. All this has turned the payroll service.

Business strategies: flexibility requires courage!

strategie aziendali flessibilità

Every company needs business strategies. However, too many entrepreneurs still confuse their business strategy with their business plan. First, we assume that start-up can’t expect to grow without a good strategic plan. It takes much more than a simple list to get investment, consensus and results. But business strategy is another thing. It should be the beating heart of every activity.

Marketing department: in-house or outsourcing?

ufficio marketing department

The communications office, in modern business, it is increasingly important business area. The conquest of new markets has become a key objective for all those who want to aim for steady and, above all, stable growth . For this, the management of marketing department can no longer be thought of exclusively in a cost-cutting environment. The skills required, in fact, increase.

Outsourcing: the instruction for use

For definition, the outsourcing contract is an agreement between two parties, outsourcee and outsourcers, in which the customer transfers the management of one or more business unit to an external company. Since many years, Gruppo La Meridiana supports companies who wish to outsource some of their functions, providing the human and material resources to improve the enterprise activity.

The IT outsourcing

Also in the IT sector, the outsourcing contracts are increasing their importance, thanks to the obvious advantages from the outsourcing of a business unit.
Nowadays, Gruppo La Meridiana is one of the most important groups that operates in the business outsourcing to help the companies that would like to put out a business unit to lighten the weight of the management.

Outsourcing How, When & Why It Might Fail

As a company grows so do their support needs: IT, customer care, product development and HR. Facing those increasing needs, some companies might choose to recruit new people in-house to address that increased demand. Other companies might choose instead to outsource this extra work to specialized services.

The discipline of the outsourcing contract

In the italian legal system there isn’t a specific configuration of the outsourcing contract, but those cases are disciplinate like “atypical contracts”. The reason for this configuration is the young age of the outsourcing work in our county. Is necessary a long time to metabolize this working form for our employment system.

The logistic outsourcing, an important strategic resource

logistica outsourcing logistico

In the last times, the outsourcing process in the italian companies is increasing. This is possible with an exponential evolution thanks to smart strategies and to tailored solutions for each sector. Gruppo La Meridiana proposed its services as ultimately solution, to resolve the management problem of the companies, providing its experience and professional in the outsourcing.

What hotels can learn from peer-to-peer travel accommodation

Peer-to-peer travel accommodation (also known as person-to-person home rental) is the process whereby an existing house owner makes their house or an empty room available for others to rent for short periods of time as an alternative form of accommodation. This phenomena is revolutionizing hotel industry.

The recruiting

First to develop a strategy to conduct a good job interview, it’s important to know well what you have to reach with the research. It’s an hard work and from it depend the successful of the company.
For this reason, many cooperatives and company decide to ask for help to Gruppo La Meridiana, leader in the selection and in the management of staff in outsourcing.


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