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Do cooperatives favor employment?

Sometimes one doubts the effectiveness of cooperatives. The Italian system of cooperatives, however, is a real driving force for the Italian economy . This is demonstrated by many studies on the impact of direct cooperation on entrepreneurship and employment. The Chambers of Commerce and Istat provided us with important numbers to understand the actual results of co-operatives.

Let’s start with a digit: more than 2% of the total number of registered cooperatives in Italy. Data in hand , however , they contribute 6% of national employment (one million and fifty-six thousand employees) . Moreover, since they are based not on the logic of pure profit , trigger virtuous mechanisms that add value to the land and the productive fabric.

The principles of solidarity , cooperation in the workplace and mutualita , which are the basis of the cooperatives more virtuous , allowing such entities to promote increased flows of employment, and to contribute to the rebalancing of employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups usually (women and workers over 50) .

In a time of crisis like the current one Italian , it is therefore good to ask not only what produces the greatest impact on economic growth, often measured on the basis of criteria that do not really affect the well-being and quality of life of the population, but on society in general the occupation is , first, the yardstick by which we measure an important indicator of quality of life.

Co-operatives are a bastion for those wishing to be assured of a continuity of employment or the use of important health and social services .

Ultimately, therefore , cooperation in Italy allows you to create jobs, improve society and to give everyone a more peaceful future .

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