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Business Trends 2018: Part II

Business Trends 2018

Last week we started to explore together what will be the top ten Business Trends 2018. We have focused on the first five that included the importance of Artificial Intelligence for the world of work. In particular, to enable companies to create, for the customer, a personalized shopping experience. Here, the second part of our ranking.

Business Trends in 2018: forecasts

Business Trends 2018

Audacity and innovation will be reflected in Business Trends 2018, as has been happening for a few years, in the face of digital revolution now fully complete. Some of the trends we’re going to look into are in nascent stage. While others have already taken root. We have taken into consideration 10 of this, which we believe to be the most relevant and effective for the success of your business.

Payroll: personnel administration in the future

Payroll outsourcing

The new enterprise technologies have transformed the personnel administration. That is no longer simply a sector that generates only data. We are talking about technologies such as Cloud. That has allowed international companies to expand further and faster than ever. All this has turned the payroll service.

Outsourcing: from private to public procurement

The application of outsourcing in the public sector is growing support. This application relates to the assignment of the exercise of public activities, administrative functions, public or instrumental activities, creation or management of public goods, to parties other than the government.

Healthcare Professional Training: how to dress and undress patients

oss operatore socio sanitario

The figure of Healthcare Professional is becoming increasingly important in modern society. They are in fact more and more older people who choose or need to spend their days in the Health Welfare Services Residences. Our cooperative, as a leading supplier in Italy of outsourcing services for companies, is also involved in the recruitment and training of health personnel.

Payroll: cost optimization requires competence!


It may happen that the term Payroll confuses novices. Indeed, with this definition, it means all those activities that revolve around staff administration. In particular, as regards the salaries and contracts of employees. Those who have never had to deal with this area, may not realize the enormity of the work that those who manage the staff is called to do. Right from the administrative side.

Customer Retention and Artificial Intelligence: new strategies

Today’s consumers are constantly bombarded with a deluge of advertising and promotions. Enough to have tired of too many options for a single product. What consumers today want most is personal attention. The best brands of the moment can satisfy this need. But not everyone can be Amazon or Netflix.

Recruitment and Retention: how to plan your business

recruitment e retention reclutamento conservazione dipendenti

Recruitment and Retention of employees are two human resource management methods that require careful strategic planning. The talent management is extremely important for your business. On the other hand, the most valuable assets for your business are talent, experience and skills of your workforce. Recruiting and retaining the best talent can increase the value of your organization.

Knowledge Economy: What is it?

knowledge economy economia della conoscenza

Increasing access to digital technologies could radically transform global economies. Even those developing. Much has been talked in the Human Resources Forum, bin these days, in Milan. In particular, it was emphasized the so-called knowledge economy, but what is it?
Over the millennia, there have been various economic transitions in the history of the world.

Personnel Administration: human resources and profit

amministrazione del personale strategia aziendale

Personnel administration, in the last 20 years, has assumed an increasingly important strategic role. In fact, a good strategy for the management of human resources, can greatly affect company’s profits. One of the main challenges for HR leaders currently, is to convince the executive management that human capital is one of the most important resources on which the company can invest.


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