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Personnel Recruitment vs. Personnel Outsourcing

Studies carried out in the most prestigious universities and the most renowned research centers in Italy and in the world, support the fundamental value of the human capital. Even common sense can easily lead to the same conclusion. Although we are in a world and in a market where everything seems to be automated and depersonalized, the core of every activity, every business is the staff. Put your work in the hands of the right people to open the door of your success.

Today, faced with the increasingly pressing competitive pressures of the market, in front of the hectic pace of a constant technological change, companies, as well as public administration, forced to focus primarily on human capital, wonder what the right way to recruit their own resources is. The main doubt lurks between recruitment in-house and personnel outsourcing in Italy, ie the externalization of services to other specialised companies.

Recruitment vs Outsourcing 1-0

In business jargon, the term in-house refers to the tendency of many companies to maintain their activities in-house. The selection of personnel “at home” is often the most spontaneous and convenient way for various reasons, many of which are psychological rather than pragmatic.

The first reason why you choose the direct recruitment – may seem trivial, but it is not – is trust in ourselves. We rely on our own judgment and experience – or that of our personnel manager – to judge, through interviews, exams, long selective processes, who we believe worthy to enter our company and to carry out our work.

The second reason is related to monitoring: a selection of direct personal than outsourcing, offers the possibility of greater control, both in the first stage and then the selections, on his action.

The third reason is related to communication and business climate: it is easier to maintain dynamic internal balance if you share the same mission and the same vision, if the communication takes place directly and on equal terms.

Recruitment vs Outsourcing 0-1

The first benefit of outsourcing appears at an early stage. The long selection leading to the recruitment of employees disappear through the choice of a company that already has with him the resources best suited to perform the requested service. The same discussion applies to the time associated with the ordinary and extraordinary employees.

The second advantage is the degree of specialization that the outsourced staff can achieve. Through the practice ell’outsourcing we rely on experts in the field and you do not have to spend resources and time to train someone within the company.

The third and certainly not last pro outsourcing of staff is the reduction of costs. Lowering the cost of internal staff pours positively on their core business so that it can be implemented to the fullest.

Recruitment and outsourcing

In the hands of every single company is the difficult task of choosing between the two options, taking into account the particularities of its business, of its own history and their own professional context. The ideal solution, in the end, is to model and manage the outsourcing of staff, the choice actually more advantageous in most cases, with the pros of the internal selection.

With the good will of the leaders of the company and its dipendendenti you can better manage corporate communication and the balance of the staff. Equally through the adoption of appropriate means of measurement of the performances can be easily stem the risk of a control and monitoring of a not sufficiently efficient.

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