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The costs of Human Resources

What are the costs of human resources? HR Selection and management are complex. For a business, this can mean two things. The first is to waste time and resources on tasks that do not relate to the core business. The second is to make use of unqualified human resources.


Human resources are a sector that requires constant attention. For what reason? First of all, the process does not end with the hire (as is the case with staff research services), but covers the whole period during which a worker provides its services to a company.


The recruitment of staff is the first step to deal with. Selecting the candidate with the right skills and the right potential is not a trivial matter. Qualifications, skills, experience in the field: all functional factors in search of the right person. There are several channels for access to qualified human resources: what is the right one? Selection can become very costly, especially in terms of time.


Many companies, because of the problems related to the previous point, are turning to recruitment. They offer a fast path that leads to hiring, but “abandon” the company once the candidate is under contract . Companies, however, needs to monitor the quality of services and therefore will have to carry out this task by themselves.

Ongoing administration

Payroll, contracts and much more: an employee is an important resource, but it is worth noting that the company is confronted with an increasingly complex bureaucracy . Personnel management is a process that can never be said to be “finished,” and companies that do not manage this workload management fail to meet their goals.

An external solution

The solution to the problems described above is simple. Rather than do the right thing, a company may choose to entrust the entire management of its human resources to a company as Gruppo La Meridiana. It is useful to reiterate this concept: unlike agency recruitment, our service outsourcing personnel allows the entrepreneur to be followed constantly, and to devote more time and energy to the challenges his business faces.

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