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Human Resources: the reasons of a poor personnel management

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Retain your employees can be a rather arduous task. Especially if you’re in charge of a great reality and, at the same time, you also have to manage the recruitment, hiring, shifts, training costs, etc. While some companies fully understand the importance of employee retention, other companies continue to overlook what this practice can mean for the overall organization of their business. They are precisely these companies that continually commit human resources management errors. Resulting in the loss of the best employees. Thanks to our long experience in this field, we have identified the wrong dynamics that lead to a poor organization. So we want to offer you some keys for thought to help you to build the most work team.

Human Resources: why your best employees leave you?

We start from a premise: it is not possible to make all the employees happy, at all times. There will always be some workers who, for one reason or another, will have complaints to make. Moreover, it often happens that there are times when an employee is put in search of another job, even though he loves his current position.

Here are several internal factors that can cause a wave of resignations. And it is on these that we want to focus.

  1.       Too low starting salary. Whatever your future intentions are, starting a working relationship with any of your employees, offering a too low salary, it may mean starting on the wrong foot.
  2.       Pay cuts. At some point in your business, your business needs may require you to put a cut in staff wages. If so, do not show surprised and do not delay to communicate this decision to your employees. Try to explain why this is happening. Provide all the reasons and explain what is your plan to reverse course in the future.
  3.       Delay payments. Make sure that the payroll follow precise rules, including timing. There is nothing that makes more miserable an employee of the lack of control on the salary.
  4.       Providing unrealistic expectations. The border between motivate someone to do their best and delude him, is very thin. Do not make the mistake to promise what you can not keep.
  5.       Lack of benefit. Reward your best employees. Establish a process which involves the meritocracy, so as to support all staff to deploy all their skills.
  6.       Poor care of the working environment. Human Resources need to spend their day comfortably. Enrich the work environment with a number of upgraded systems that can meet your staff. From air conditioning to a refreshment area, through all that you can afford.
  7.       Lack of adequate training.  The training has a cost, it is true. But parties from the assumption that a trained employee can work better and faster. In the long term, save on training can get you to spend much more.
  8.       Dishonesty. If a leader has a dishonest attitude towards their employees, he will be countered with the same behavior. And even if you’re at the top of a restricted working group, two is always more than one. A staff that works against the company is very dangerous for the growth and success of your business.

Gruppo La Meridiana: the complete solution for your Personnel needs

Our cooperative has been working for over ten years in the field of human resources management. We can offer the best solutions for any need for personnel.

We deal Marketing, Accommodation facilities, food service Restyling, the transport and logistics, social Health services and much more.

Personnel outsourcing is now the key to helping businesses to grow rapidly and, above all, without making mistakes.

Depend on us to improve the management of Human Resources of your company: mistakes cost, not the success!

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