Outsourcing for Hotel Facilities

Un progetto su misura per la tua impresa

About us

“The Consortium Group La Meridiana” Soc.Coop. born in 2001, with its Cooperative represents a point of excellence in the different market sectors in which it operates by offering to its customers a high level of service.

With the collaboration of professionals and specialists it’s able to ensure the highest quality standards, becoming a reliable partner for hotel facilities, constantly optimizing the services in the interest of contractor structure.

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I nostri servizi per le aziende: contattaci per un progetto su misura

La Meridiana offre soluzioni per il personale a imprese in vari settori. Lasciaci un recapito e dicci qualcosa sulla tua azienda per scoprire come possiamo aiutarti.


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Vision and mission

The Group’s mission is the customer satisfaction with whom establishes a partnership of active cooperation based on trust and mutual respect.

The goal will be aimed not only to provide services and staff in the most timely and appropriate way, but also to help its customers to achieve their business objectives through a partnership of active cooperation based on trust and mutual respect, with a joint management and as a common goal the excellence of the service provided.

The Group Consortium LA MERIDIANA guarantees to hotels a personalized and flexible service.

In the new vision of hotel facilities, what once was defined as housekeeping and tidying rooms today takes a much broader and complex meaning, becoming one of the determining factors for the reputation of the structure itself. Today is not enough to ensure a clean environment, the market wants to offer an experience memorable.

THE MERIDIAN Group provides a service performed within the rooms aimed to offer to the clients of the structure, the possibility of living and access to a real unique and unforgettable experience in the hotel, a  360°  GUEST EXPERIENCE.

The perceived quality and the customer satisfaction are the main goals that we set for ourselves in providing required services; these objectives arise not only by the rules of the market, also by the desire to constantly improve our services, and to present to our real and potential customers and the brand GROUP CONSORTIUM LA MERIDIANA as a guarantee of reliability and quality.

On specific requirements we are able to create targeted solutions

Increasingly common today, in the hospitality industry, the need to entrust to companies in outsourcing, parts or entire functions of the facility because, by doing so, the hotel will lighten by problems that hinder the development of their business (search and selection of staff, management shifts, holidays and illness).

So there is a transformation of the costs from fixed to variable, because the facilities no longer have to support those expenses related to the cost of personnel and equipment, so-called amortization, which will be entirely borne by the outsourcing partner.

The outsourcing service offers more flexibility for the hotel. In fact, in case of need the Hotel may entrust additional tasks to the outsourcing partner, by coping in an optimal manner to not constant  workflows.

Services provided

  1. Rooms and  bathrooms
  2. Service offices located on bedroom floors; corridors located on bedroom floor
  3. Restaurant and bar are
  4. Forecourt and parking
  5. Gardens
  6. Offices
  7. Extra cleaning (carpet cleaning; exterior glazing; marble and parquet counterbore)
  8. cleaning and handling of meeting rooms equipment

Other integrated services:

  • Reception
  • Night Usher
  • Lifeguard
  • Porterage
  • Green spaces management
  • Kitchen, dining and bar facilities
  • Shuttle Service
  • Parking management
  • Spa
  • Translation service
  • Logistics and transportClicca Qui[/iphorm_popup][/raw]

The services provided in outsourcing are supported by:

  • Insurance policies RCT / RCO to cover the specific risks of each activity
  • A quarterly delivery of DURC, single document of regular contributions available to all staff employed
  • Opportunity to review the contract under execution giving flexibility to the service
  • Exclusive use of vehicles, equipment and products for the performance of services, all equipped with technical and safety raider.

Within the structures head-services will be inserted and they will have the task of organizing and managing the work of the staff ensuring a consistent interface with the property. This will ensure availability of intervention 24 hours 24, 365 days a year.

In order to constantly improve the service offered to the hotels periodically checks will be organized by our personnel  in collaboration with the relevant department heads in the optimization of the required standards in terms of quality to reach and control of the expected results.

All staff are provided with uniform with exposed identification card and personal protective equipment in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 81/08.

Risk analysis about work safety carried out by  a company RSPP.

Management System certified according to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.


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