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Working Trends: the new needs of HR leaders

Millennials, shortly, completely replace the older generation in the company. The dell  Intelligence Artificial Revolution  is now here and many leaders are unprepared to it. In the midst of so much change planning and forecasting it has now become vital for the survival of the business.

The future of work is a topic discussed and publicized, socially, almost as much as the problem of climate change.

Millennials conceive work very differently than previous generations. As well, technology and artificial intelligence are rewriting the business fortunes.

Understandably, these rapid and profound changes are bringing HR leaders to wonder: how it will evolve my role in the future?

Ask yourself this question is not only permissible but obligatory. It would be rather serious, in fact, for leaders, find out that their strategies are no longer effective.

Working Trends: Key points of the new business management

In our introduction, we have already identified the problems of modern business that simultaneously transform the strategic objectives of the future, as regards the work of the HR leaders:

  • Millennials
  • Artificial Intelligence

Currently , Millennials are the most dense generation in the world. As workers, Millennials have a lot to offer, especially as regards the technology and new business prospects. However, compared to past generations, their tends most to change jobs. And it is therefore difficult to retain Millennials in the company in the long term. Why? The reason lies in a big difference, for this generation, between the job satisfaction and commitment at work.

The commitment indicates a deeper connection, emotional and behavioral with the role in society. Based on this, a recent study found that only 29% of Millennials employed in companies are “engaged” at work. The continuous migration of these workers from one job to another, moreover, costs to the economy billions of dollars each year.

The solution to this problem is the introduction, in the company’s management plans, of two core activities:

  1. employee engagement,
  2. the use of advanced analytical techniques for the management of staff.

Artificial intelligence: what is the future of the workers?

We arrive then to the second point, constituted by the digital revolution. The potential loss of work because of Artificial Intelligence leads many workers to be fearful about the future. And being the most occupied, the generation of Millennials is the most vulnerable to this threat.

An HR leader, to proactively manage employees through the development of integration between the work environment and new technologies, needs to learn how to better understand the emotional impact of this new trend. Only in this way you can keep the balance between employee engagement and productivity.

Finally, another important aspect to mention. Compared to the previous generation, the retirement of Millennials was far postponed. So much so that the members of this generation, marry and have children later and later. Many companies underestimate this aspect which requires a planning of the workforce activities more detailed and geared to the long term.

Personnel Outsourcing: how to anticipate changes

Gruppo La Meridiana has years and years of experience in the field of personnel management. We are confronted with many business realities, and through these partnerships, we have more and more refined our planning techniques.

Our support to client companies starts from a fundamental premise: the changes need to be brought forward!

As a outsourcing services supplier for companies, we do not just react to changes, but we use analysis and forecasts to improve the strategies and planning.

While others still continue only to discuss the problem of the changes in the working world, we build the best solutions for your success: contact us for advice.

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