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The challenges of outsourcing in social health services

In an economic environment characterized by competition, where it is necessary to reach certain standards to establish in the market, outsourcing represents both a solution and a challenge. It is true for every corporation, from agencies to public bodies, which operates in the market and therefore need to follow an organizational strategy that enables it to carry on its business by reducing costs and increasing the chances to succeed.

On the one hand, the outsourcing of services is a great advantage for companies, but also for institutions and various corporations working in the social health sector. On the other hand, outsourcing is carried out in a context in which workforce management suffers from a high flexibility. That’s why outsourcing involves some major challenges that need to be overcome, but first of all these challenges need to be set off against the obvious specific advantages of outsourcing.

Outsourcing in the social health sector

Outsourcing is basically about entrusting the recruitment management to another company. However, in addition to the many economic benefits that outsourcing brings to the institution that opt for it, there are other key strength point in this type of service. Outsourcing is not just about saving money on human resources management, but it is also mainly about investing in this field. It means two things: first of all, a public institution as a public nursery school as well as private institutions and individuals, can hire qualified and up-to-date staff.

In addition, the staff is provided according to business development projects aimed to ensure to the client efficiency and the ability to adapt to the socioeconomic context in which operates. In this way, the social worker or health care professional has the opportunity to be properly placed in the world of social health services, whereas the client institution will be enabled to enjoy those quality standards which are necessary to accomplish its mission efficiently and establish in the market.

The advantages of outsourcing in the social health sector

Generally speaking, entrusting the entire human resources management, from recruitment to the services administration, is particularly useful to save a huge part of the business budget. In fact, given the significant expansion of the service industry and the continuous growth of this phenomenon, companies have to invest a huge amount of money in human resources management and in the services administration, often at the expenses of the quality of the service.

This is particularly true for those institutions that operate in the social health sector for two main reasons: first of all, this sector only consists in services and it is probable that a single institution, such as a hospital, will need to manage several services, from nursery to those concerning transports, which results in an overload of expenses in a single sector. Moreover, several social and health institutions operate in the private sector, so they can often count on fewer financial resources than public bodies. For all these reasons, it is good not to look upon outsourcing as a risk, as it should be considered an efficient solution to the managerial problems that bring companies down more than ever and are widely spread in many fields of the socio-medical sector.

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