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Outsourcing personnel services: 5 rules to follow to choose the right company

The Gruppo La Meridiana‘s primary objective is to assist its customers in the climb to success. Thanks to years of experience in the outsourcing industry, Gruppo La Meridiana offers its partners each of the knowledge acquired over time, to resolve all issues related to personnel management in the best possible way and together. At the same time, working with numerous companies, the Gruppo La Meridiana found that some clichés often shade the usefulness of outsourcing. This is a symptom of an attitude of narrow-mindedness towards outsourcing and impeding the progress. As in any sector of the labor market, outsourcing has its pros and cons, too, but it must avoid falling into some banal errors, precluding to choose the most reliable partner for the personnel management. For these reasons, Gruppo La Meridiana wants to point out 5 basic rules to keep in mind when you choose to approach outsourcing.

  • Don’t be afraid of losing control

Considering outsourcing as a business solution for the first time, it is often thought that, in such a kinds of operation, there are more risks than benefits. It is very common to believe that put into the hands of others the management of one’s own service means mathematically losing control. This is not the case! Outsourcing is a strategy based on cooperation, to correct and improve internal errors related to a specific service. Control and responsibility remain firmly in the hands of the applicant. It is simply this: start together towards growth, optimizing some mechanisms and speeding up certain operations. This is only possible with a very good prepared outsourcing company.

  1. Having a well-defined changeover plan

Some companies opt for outsourcing to have one less problem and not to simplify its business policy. This factor generates the tendency to rely on those who promise a quicker agreement at the expense of careful evaluation of internal needs, therefore results are not always positive. To have a precise changeover plan means studying the internal problems carefully and you can discuss them with the future partners clearly: confrontation is one of the first steps to see if you are relying on the right company.

  1. Don’t choose a company too fast, making misjudgments

This is related to the changeover plan. Basic concept is the same: personnel management outsourcing should not be chosen as the solution to escape the problem. Haste leads misunderstandings. It is not a surprise: according to statistics, 40% of companies are not satisfied with the level and reliability of the chosen provider. To prepare a list of questions is essential, as to invest a bit of time in meetings with potential partners.

  • Don’t choose outsourcing only to reduce costs

To reduce business costs is tempting, but this prospect can’t be the only factor that determines the choice of partners. To entrust Human Resources to an outside company means to pay attention to the final costumer satisfaction. The benefits of outsourcing are represented by lower costs, but also by the development of staff skills, by a greater focus on the customer and on everything that can be added to a growth strategy.

  • Remember that the human expertise is irreplaceable

Many outsourcing providers tend to emphasize the importance of automation. Having advanced technology’s instruments is a great help in the management of a service, both as it regards the supervision both for what concerns a substantial saving of time and money. Of course, computer can’t replace the human competence and therefore it is essential, choosing a supplier, to identify who has deep knowledge in the field and to know how to match them with the best technological tools.

Gruppo La Meridiana offers an outsourcing service based on listening to the needs of its customers primarily. Passion and determination are characteristics that make Gruppo La Meridiana the ideal partner to entrust the management and personnel administration. Quality, reliability and flexibility are the basis of any service that has growth and success as its objectives.  That’s why a partnership with the Gruppo La Meridiana is a good and winning choice.

Fabiola Ernetti


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