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Outsourcing and Personnel Management: the selection and recruitment process

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As a leader in the sector of Outsourcing Human Resources Management, Gruppo La Meridiana has experience and competence about the selection and recruitment procedures. Thanks to our abilities, we can create and manage, for our customers, an equipped and trained group of employees, ready to work in your company with excellent results. To give particular attention and support to the Staff management can be a problematic and expensive activity, particularly for business that need concentration to other purposes. That is why our Cooperative is the best partner for your strategies.

The selection and recruitment process requires careful planning and a thorough knowledge about the labour market. The main objectives of this process are: to form a list of candidates in line with the profiles sought and to identify able people, as quickly as possible.

The first step essentially concerns the definition, in practical terms, of these objectives, by analysing a few key points:

         To identify the profile that company needs (task, attitude, ability, skills, personality).

         Where and through what channels start the research (contest, advertisement, newspaper, web, type of site).

         Choice of selection methodology (individual or groups interviews, sort of question, test, practical test).

The research and the choice of future employees involve important factors of different nature, in particular an economic, legal and psychological aspect, respectively related to supply and demand, working contracts and psychological characteristics. That said, it is possible to divide the selection and recruitment process into three main phases:

1)   Research: it officially begins with the publication of an advertisement, through the selected channels. It follows the collection of information, namely applications received. A first step of analisys starts, discarding profiles without the required conditions. Finally, the list of candidates may be assembled.

2)   Evaluation: interviews start and according to the chosen mode the candidates will be examined, finally choosing the fittest.

3)      Integration: to recruit and to select staff also involve the phase of integration at the company. It is about an important trial period in which both sides can directly to assess the new working relationship.

The possible errors in the selection and recruitment process commonly refer to as “false negative” and “false positive”. The first happens when a company rejects a profile with required attitudes. In the latter case, the candidate is not able to work in the company, but he still elected.

It also sometimes happens that, during the integration, the new employee decides not to confirm his position. The head of Human Resources needs to be very careful in this step.

By the managers responsible for this process, a great deal of experience is needed for every phase and situation described above. Staff is the motor of a company and this can mean high productivity or so many problems. To choose Outsourcing for Human Resources is not only a question of to save time and money, but it is also about the choice if to follow or not an effective strategy for improved your business. The results of the Cooperative Gruppo La Meridiana speak for themselves: our customers’ satisfaction is the product of passion and professionalism. We offer quality services, asking for, in return only that you caught up in success, with us.


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