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Employee Retention: strategy first!

employee retention

Focus on employee satisfaction is not madness, it is strategy! Having satisfied employees, in fact, most of the time has a significant impact on the company’s balance sheet. Obviously positively. For this reason, when it brings up the Employee Retention, we can not ignore the strategic importance of this aspect for any business.

First of all, we are talking about the ability of a company to be able to create, for their staff, a stimulating environment. Where the motivation is never lacking. There are several ways to achieve this goal. And our experience leads us to affirm that more than 90% of HR leaders spend a lot of resources and energy, every day, to find the best methods. Well aware of how everything can be profitable.

Employee Retention: out the negativity in 7 ways!

The rules for creating a winning team are really simple. We like to be practical, constructive and direct. So there we say now:

  • Choosing the right employees
  • Offer competitive salary and incentives
  • Create a comfortable and multicultural work environment
  • Offer training
  • Listen
  • Reviewing
  • Recognizing the achievements of employees

It is a pattern that is self-explanatory. But it is worth emphasizing the importance of the above points.

The staff selection process, first of all, is not only related to skills. You must also choose the employees that are well suited to the corporate culture, managers and other employees. There are many ways to choose the right candidates. Personnel management is based mainly on recruitment. It is not easy, but who starts well is half the battle!

It is also important that the talent and skills of the chosen resource are always maintained at high levels. For the good of the company. It is clear that in the face of a higher wage, a worker will be more encouraged to commitment. But sometimes they are not only attracted by money. Those who work in adulthood often has a family and therefore would like other kinds of benefits. Such as health insurance, bonus production, a savings plan or retirement. In short, any kind of incentive that makes them feel protected, safe and stimulated.

As for the working environment, the first consideration is only one. The employee spends in the workplace most of his day. It is hard to resist if you feel uncomfortable. A good manager must therefore also take care to create a comfortable environment. From the temperature to the uniforms. Passing for recreation and sharing.

The recreational activities can also be used to convey to staff the company’s values.

Training is another important aspect in the field of personnel management. And the real experts know that education also means renovation. It is important that an employee feels to make available their skills for the company. And that the company spare parts offering a professional development path. The benefit is clearly mutual.

Listening, evaluation and enhancement

The Employee Retention continues through the most strictly psychological elements. But also crucial.

Listening is rather, perhaps, the most underrated aspect by who manages a team. But it is bad. Because you can learn a lot about and for your business, by listening to employees. Moreover, the staff is at the heart of the production. But also the direct line with customers. It is also important to understand what are the reasons why an employee can accept a renewal, or choose to work elsewhere.

Review an employee shall not to be considered an act of mortification. The assessment itself is a stimulus and empowers people.

Finally, the recognition. As said, an employee spends most of his day to working . And if a manager gets hits, these are also the result of the very success of the team. And it is good value the staff’s commitment.

What is the best way to have an efficient staff and satisfied?

To reply to a similar question, we must consider a team from a strictly sporting point of view. Take for example a football team full of talent, but mis-matched. Who could redress the balance? The coach, of course. And even in this case it is essential to choose the right one.

Our experience as outsourcing services providers prompts us to suggest to find your coach on the outside of your reality.

An established reality as that of Gruppo La Meridiana can assemble the perfect team for your business. Thanks to the expertise of our professionals. And to our flexible and dynamic vision of the world of work.

We repeat without fear of sliding. The Employee Retention is not only a theory that you learn. But a strategy that is practiced by the right people. With the aim not only to reduce costs, but also to optimize them. And grow together to the utmost satisfaction for all.

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