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Business Management: how mature is your company?

gestione aziendale

Every business, every day, are facing major managerial challenges. However, for different companies are different challenges. And it is why a certain degree of wisdom must characterize your strategies. The strategic maturity of a business lies in going beyond its needs. To be successful today means being able to balance the strong points of business, with the opportunities in its field. The business management is a set of complex processes and is essential to know in depth the challenges that you are facing. With the readiness to correct errors in progress. Depending on the degree of business development you can understand the level of strategic maturity which is located your company. Crucial step to get to be complete and competitive.

Business Management: when a company can be defined as mature?

As mentioned above, the strategic maturity is measured by what your own development system is consistent with market opportunities. Obviously, the assessment includes the budget, products and services.

Basically, to get to a good strategic maturity is necessary to identify needs and develop those specific capabilities that can meet. Only in this way you will lay the foundation for being able to look and go beyond.

Most modern companies recognize the value of this strategic approach. However, it is not easy to transform this strategy  in a focused program on tomorrow.

Several studies have identified 11 types of strategic maturity. In the three lower levels they are including so-called disinterested companies, those undifferentiated and underperforming ones. In the first case it comes to businesses that survive for only a fluke. Who do not have a clear vision of how to create value and that, consequently, do not pursue any strategic objective. In the second case it is quite competitive companies which, however, are not designed to have an identity that will differentiate from the competition. In the third case we are instead to front companies set strategically so effective that, however, follow too many directions, unable to adapt to the best route.

Then there are companies tied to the charges and those which, while maintaining good performance, can not become great.

Four other types of strategic maturity refer to those companies that have indeed developed a coherent system, but struggling to run it.

These are businesses too volatile to changes in the business world, those tied to resources, companies that do not have appropriate knowledge and skills and established companies “subversive”, as potentially on top, but too far from the current reality of the world of work.

Strategic Maturity: good competitors and supercompetitors

Close to the summit, businesses with few resources and capacities, that are able to identify their own strengths and will support the development points.

The absolute primacy instead goes to the companies that can be modeled. They’re the ones riding the waves of the present, towards the sea of the future. They can handle multiple challenges with combined capacity. The objectives are multiple and higher. They can focus on costs, products and services, human resources and not. Often, the key to their success was to choose the Outsourcing.

At what stage is your business? Contact us even for advice. We’ll help you understand the issues of your business and decide where to invest attention and resources. A winner always points to the success!

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