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Outsourcing: the protagonists of the success

In many of our prior news articles, we saw the reasons, the benefits and the risks about Outsourcing. Today, we want to speak about the protagonists of an Outsourcing’s choice. What are the figures involved and what do they do? When a company chooses to outsource a service, it comes a metaphorical triangle where three figures coexist: a) the company itself, b) the outsourcer, c) suppliers of the outsourcer. Figure “b” constitutes the central actor, because it will work on maintaining the balance within the company, but it will also operate directly to resolve business’ problems and to achieve the objectives.

Now we try to describe in detail the duties of the three abovementioned figures.

A company which outsources.

Into an outsourcing deal, the firm has a “mother roles” and it keeps it throughout the duration of the partnership. Before to outsource, a company has to be very clear in its mind the internal problems to solve and what are the objectives to achieve. A very important aspect is to convince the internal divisions to accept the new change. This operation is not always a simple job, but it is important that a company knows how to be guided in order to enable the provider to intervene effectively.  A firm will maintain forever many of its previous responsibilities and decision-making powers. Strategies, rules and key points about the cooperation will be established during the phase of specific agreement.

The outsourcer.

The outsourcer is also known as provider or vendor and it is the real partnership’s protagonist. Its main activity is being able to adapt itself to the needs of its clients, trying first to literally enter into business’ problems. Hereinafter, interventation and management will be its main responsibilities. Another one of the outsourcer’s activities is consultancy. This presupposes that a provider has the right qualifications and skills to be able to propose ideas and solutions. An effective consultancy service can phase in a kind of training, where the outsourcer will provide clients with useful tools and relevant information in order to create a productive partnership. The ability of an outsourcer is assessed also and above all by consultancy: consultancy is important in many business areas and often it may be required at total level.

Suppliers of the outsourcer.

To put into practice chosen strategies, an outsourcer makes use in turn of other people and/or tools, in order to be able to continue its work. A business partnership includes also the partecipation of third suppliers, but they have not responsibilities or power at farm level and they are managed by outsourcer only. An outsourcing services company must have a very large network of partners, in order to have different solutions for any needs of the clients.  

Today, Outsourcing expresses its potential in many areas. Although the great ascension of Cloud, many companies continue to choose the traditional outsourcing with benefit. Thanks to the Outsourcing, a company can count on specialised resources without necessarily having to invest in training. Furthermore, with outsourcing, companies are managed in a uniform manner than in the past. In addition, Outsourcing’s tenders are constantly evolving and always up to date.

Gruppo La Meridiana is a cooperative specialized in Outsourcing Personnel Management. We are the ideal partner for the resolution of any business problems. Experience and professionalism make our company as winning move for the growth of your firm. We can ensure the most efficient operational and consultancy services. We work everyday so that our clients are the main and undisputed protagonists of their success.  


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