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Outsourcing and Human Resource Management: how to achieve success by increasing staff’s enthusiasm

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When a company chooses to outsource the personnel management service, it is not a question of a disregard for workers. On the other hand, employees not always put their trust in this kind of change. But often, to choose Outsourcing means exactly to have respect for staff, in some difficult conditions. It is with those teeth that the Cooperative Gruppo La Meridiana deals with its tasks with passion and determination.  To form a strong, expansion and enthusiastic team means to lay the foundation for the success of your business.

After the target definition of the partnership, an outsourcer must first to present itself and to meet the staff.

What do employees ask for to a manager?

It would seem a question with an easy answer, but it is not. It is a real mistake to think to give satisfaction to a worker simply by paying compensation or by providing only efficient tools to make his job. Employees want first a direct connection with their superiors. Communication and listening help a team to maintain a high commitment level. To be considered as a part of a project is a very big stimulus for a worker and this will be beneficial to business productivity.

Certainly, employees are interested about remuneration, but they want also a competent leader who knows everything about money. The financial well-being of a person is not given only by salary, but also by anything that concerns contribution, subsidies, taxes and pension. Employees work stress-free and with gratification if a manager totally cares about them.  

Another request is related to the emotional wellbeing, but it is often underestimated. Workers should be encouraged, protected and valued. If an employee knows corporate targets, he knows how much it’s worth his work too, and he can pace himself. Meritocratic incentives may be a good strategy to eliminate the envy or misconduct between colleagues and, in this way, everybody can choose how much and how to work.

After the step of knowledge, a good outsourcer will be able to keep up the effort, the unit and the serenity of the staff, mainly through three key points:

1)   Definition of expectations: a guidance plan and some training courses are the best way to involve the staff in the company objectives, but also to prepare employees about what’s expected of them and finally to give them more stimulating working days.

2)   Constant communication: a constant communication with staff means to monitor their performance, but also their efforts. A manager who appears only at the beginning of a working relationship or exclusively at critical moments gives not confidence to the staff and he can’t pretend to be appreciated without establish a reputation.  

3)   Direct relationship with employees: to speak directly to the staff is a way of direct control, but also a good manner. In this way a worker feels free to be honest or to communicate an idea. The message you must sent is that a role of less responsibility is not less important. The time devoted to employess is time spent fro the company anyway.

What are the most common errors by a manager, ruining his relation with the staff?

The old saying “you live and learn” is an absolute truth to keep always in mind. The following list is about common errors that our experience recognized as the worst for an effective personnel management:

  1. a)         Patronizing
  2. b)        Not to reward a job well done
  3. c)         To promise things and not keep
  4. d)        To praise not deserving people
  5. e)        To prevent passion
  6. f)         To not encourage people to pit their skills and to increase them
  7. g)         To limit creativity
  8. h)        To hinder the sharing

To enhance enthusiasm’s staff and to maintain a high level of their effort it would offset all the abovementioned errors. Staff is the core of a company and if it works better it will produce successful cell.  

To have time and energy to spend for employees is not an easy thing. Gruppo La Meridiana works everyday with determination and tenaciously, in order to offer a great personnel management outsourcing service based on a perfect balance between values and needs of our clients. We get the respect for our job by respecting and celebrating other people’s work.  


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