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Many cooperative, one Consortium

The strength of cooperatives

What’s behind the Consortium La Meridiana? The group’s strength is given by its member cooperatives. Each contributes with their resources to ensure the success of each of our service. Currently, the consortium consists of the following Coop:

  • Soc. Coop. (trucking of items for third parties)
  • Easy Service SRL
  • Gea Soc. Coop. (cleaning, porterage and desk office)
  • La Rosa dei Venti Soc. Coop. (logistic and transport, activity of trucking of items for third parties )
  • Pilastro SRL
  • SaFin Soc. Coop. (administrative management)
  • Ve.La. Soc. Coop. (marketinf and market research)
  • Ve.Ma. Soc. Coop. (marketinf and market research)
  • Volta Soc. Coop. (services for hotel facilities)

A common goal

We share with the co-operatives the objective of encouraging the employment of thousands of skilled workers, providing personnel to companies that use our services. Each cooperative encompasses people, skills and different energies that flow in a common mission.

Many cooperatives, one Consortium

For cooperatives is not easy to carve out their slice of the market. The competition is high, and the costs of management (in terms of time and money) often make the activities almost unsustainable. A cooperative, when it is not in a consortium, has to deal with many things, including:

  • bank loans
  • paycheck
  • the accountants

So here is the solution: joining a consortium as La Meridiana. Twelve years of experience and our network of knowledge allow the cooperative to:

  • increase its influence
  • offer services to companies increasingly wider
  • decrease operating costs (ex.: save 40% on insurance, get quick loans)
  • provide employment to its members

For this reason, the Consortium is looking for value cooperative, pointing up and wanting to join forces, creating wealth for themselves and for others.

Which fields?

Vogliamo collaborare con le cooperative che operano nei seguenti settori:

We want to collaborate with cooperatives working in the following fields:

  •     Hotel facilities outsourcing
  •     Telemarketing
  •     Support Sales and Trade Agents
  •     Desk office and cashier
  •     Porterage
  •     Cleaning
  •     Social and health services
  •     Transport

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