Personnel Recruitment

Human Resources: the new Paradigm of Outsourcing

Personnel Recruitment: the challenges of Outsourcing

Personnel selection is a sore point for many activities. Many companies can not deal independently with select human resources that will move the gears of their business. Therefore there is the need of  someone who takes care to select carefully candidates to be allocated to specific job positions. 

Un progetto su misura per la tua impresa

I nostri servizi per le aziende: contattaci per un progetto su misura

La Meridiana offre soluzioni per il personale a imprese in vari settori. Lasciaci un recapito e dicci qualcosa sulla tua azienda per scoprire come possiamo aiutarti.


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Recruitment of sales, social health and hotel staff

The Group La Meridiana offers a recruitment service in the following areas:

  • Hotel Outsourcing
  • Telemarketing
  • Support  Trade & Sale Agents
  • Desk operators and cashier
  • Porterage
  • Cleaning
  • Social and Health Services
  • Transport
This means that when a company needs staff can contact us, shorten the times of selection and get qualified human resources. But is this enough? Is enough for a company that someone else takes care only of choosing the right people for a certain job position? As our daily activity demonstrates, there are different ways by which a business can be supported in the field of human resources.

Personnel Recruitment vs. Personnel outsourcing

It is not uncommon to come across agencies that deal with “recruitment”,”staff selection”, “personnel management” etc. All these terms, which make difficult to decipher what they exactly do, are part of the complex world of business services for human resources.

Selecting the staff is just the first step of a long journey. A company that take on new collaborators actually will not draw any concrete advantage if the only benefits received concern the selection of personnel. A company has the opportunity to grow and focus on its own core business only entrusting to others the entire selection process, management, administration and monitoring of personnel.

How to summarize everything in one word? Outsourcing. This term refers to the process by which a company relies on an external body all activities relating to human resources.

Personnel selection and administration: outsourcing is worthy?

According to some opinions, the outsourcing of staff would be limited to the sum of the selection and administration of human resources. This is true only in part, because the outsourcing of staff represents an entirely new way of conceiving the relations of collaboration.

A new paradigm that shows the passage from the relationship “employee – employer” to “client – buyer” and that’s the final customer, the employer to which they both refer. As clearly expressed by Angela Domenici of Ticino Business

“This new relationship is a big cultural change rather than the use of internal resources, which affects directly the quality of service provided. The outsourcer is paid according to the services provided; therefore one of the key activities is the extended control of all services provided, promoting the transparency and the monitoring of performance”

The rapid changes in the world of work must be followed by corresponding changes in terms of the bodies managing demand and supply of labor. That’s the reason why the Group La Meridiana doesn’t work on personnel following the canons of the past, but it projects its own activities towards a new cultural model that facilitates the synergy between business and job and increases productivity.



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