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La Meridiana - Our Story


The ” Consortium Group La Meridiana “Soc Cooperative was established in 2001  with the intent to obtain, through the management in a partnership in which work to promote the members, continuity of employment and better economic conditions, social and professional.

Today we can say that the Cooperative has acquired a good market position in the field of  transport, porterage , cleaning, provision of services (job sales assistants and cashiers), complete management of warehouses, supermarkets, data processing or secretarial services, and social services and health .  All this thanks  to the constant work of the Board of Directors and its worker-members.

The cooperative society is registered in the registry the prefect and the Cooperative League AGCIand the contributing regularly within the law.

Our Philosophy

The line management followed over time from La Meridiana is based on experience from working CDA-workers and associates. Quality and customer satisfaction are the main goals that La Meridiana is intended to provide the requested services.

This objective was established, as well as market rules, by a desire to improve its services and toalways be proud of , as now, to introduce our new customers the name of the Consorzio Cooperative Group La Meridiana .

Responsabile amministrativo: Maurizio Attili

Executive Director: Maurizio Attili

Our Structure

The Consortium Group La Meridiana is directed by the work of a Board of Directors .

The Chairman and the members of the Management and Control, despite being relatively young, come from a seriousindustry experience that allows them to perform at their best organizational functions and management is the relationship with the audience with the worker-members.

These are a fundamental part of the structure. In fact, they are physically carried out the services offered and represent daily La Meridiana in all places, giving us the opportunity togrow steadily .

Obviously, the members of the Consortium are carefully selected and offer a guarantee of specialization in the field of membership. Where necessary, the Cooperative shall ensure the regularity of licenses and registrations required by government offices and judicial authorities.


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