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How is work changing?

The transformations that affect our society are deep and give rise to long-term analysis of what our society is becoming. One of the elements of greater detachment and profound evolution in recent years is without a doubt everything that concerns the (still ongoing) changes in the working world. But what are these elements? How to make the best to act better as professionals and entrepreneurs? Let’s see some elements that give us an overview of the phenomena.

1. Flexibility

For those who understand the mechanisms underlying the outsourcing of staff this is not a mystery: the need to outsource arises from the fragmentation of the production facilities and their objectives in micro-business with its objectives and its own identity. The term cooperation is disappearing from the scenario in which we live, which prefers working relationships with clear objectives and tasks rather than the classic “marriage” between employer and employee.

2. Increases in the cost of staff

In the new paradigm that is gaining greater attention to our attention, is clearly demonstrated a trend for many production companies wishing to make use of new entries, the search and selection of personnel, and generally everything related to human resources, tends to be a huge investment (sometimes waste) of economic and organizational resources.

Why? Increasing the number of collaborations necessary, possibly more fragmented and therefore not scalable in the medium to long term, it increases the real cost of these operations, which can not be carried out only once but require continuous reorganizations and repetitions.

3. New reality = new structures

It is said that those who are more able to evolve has the most successful in a world that is constantly evolving. That’s why the whole mission of the Meridiana Group is based on the birth of a new type of production structure, in which the concept of employer and employee is exceeded and you will come to a relationship customer – service provider.

There are many advantages for all parties involved: on the one hand, in fact, workers are not isolated entities that need to shoulder the responsibility of finding a job in itself. A group like ours fact interacts with entrepreneurs and executives who may be in need of their services.

On the other hand, companies and manufacturers can count on a total flexibility and a comprehensive mechanism of recruitment and human resource management, such that any productive activity is put in the best conditions to focus on their core business and expand the horizons of their own success.

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