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Strategic Outsourcing: why do you need to change your way to make business?

In the context of the business management, many researchers and experts found that, when a company begins its own path into the workplace, if it starts with a business model different from the other, this represents a great way to undermine competition right away. Even after it has reached a certain degree of maturity, a company needs to revise frequently its own business models, sometimes added others. What does this all mean?

In order to explain the importance of openness to change, in terms of business management, we have identified five circumstances in which to re-examine its own models is essential:


  • To give yourself the opportunity to address the needs of a customer group excluded from a given market because of existing solutions are too expensive or too complex to meet their needs.
  • To try to capitalize on a new promising technology, by using an innovative business model.
  • To create the opportunity to offer a product or a service in a market in which it does not exist yet.
  • To try to counteract low cost competitors.
  • To find a way to follow those changes that arise from new products, the characteristics of which can move the needs of the market from one point to another. In this direction, a practical example is that of mobile phone: when these products were place on the market for the first time, consumers focused on user-friendly and the best reception. Then, the characteristics of the product itself took consumers to change their needs in relation to its test fixture.

Often, in business management, a difficulty is a new opportunity to exploit.

What is a Business Model?

A business model is the set of organisational and strategic solutions through which a company acquires a competitive advantage. Putting it simply, a business model represents the logic of a holding. In order to achieve a successful business model, the company must to create value and this happens when it helps its clients to do a great deal, to fulfill a yearning or to solve a problem.

Business Plan & Business Model: which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

A business model should not to be confused with a business plan. In fact, a plan indicates time and resources necessary to achieve a model. A business plan shall be implemented only once business model is created.

The value of an effective business model is the difference between benefits and costs. It is here that Outsourcing must to be incorporated: it is about a successful and innovative key to achieve business objectives.

The Cooperative Gruppo La Meridiana may be the best strategic outsourcing supplier for all companies want to change or implement their own business models, thanks to our perfect personnel management service, consultancy and support. We help our partners to focus their objectives, working side by side, in order to follow and to create together the most innovative and effective business models.

Outsourcing is a solution. Outsourcing is a strategy. Outsourcing is success!

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