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What does a recruitment agency do?

A recruitment agency is responsible for the recruitment procedures on behalf of a client company. Recruitment agencies source and select both company employees and managers, as in the case of executive research. But the organization of these two core activities, is not all that a recruitment agency can offer to a client company. Outsourcing, in fact, also involves the entire management of the human resources of a company.

Research and selection: two essential objectives

Entrusting recruitment to a specialized agency means optimizing both activities and aim at high quality standards. Companies that deal with sourcing and selection of staff are so named because they specialize in the management of these two activities that require the implementation of strategic procedures at each step. A recruitment agency, for example, will be able to base the research of staff on the specific needs of the client company, which are carefully examined. The research also involves the use of many IT tools (ads or online database), but also other resources such as specialized magazines. During this phase, as in the following, everything is geared towards the realization of a specific business development plan.

The next phase of selection is based on the implementation of specific procedures through which you can get the most out of this crucial phase. The method by which staff is selected significantly affect the success of the client company. In the selection process, it is possible to make sure candidates have those key factors for business development such as specific know-how and experience. The competence of recruitment agency lies in the capability to provide the client company with these factors and all the human resources needed for business development. Several specific tools are now used to achieve this important goal.

Not only selection

The advantage of outsourcing is that it allows to effectively reduce operating costs and increase profits. For this reason, recruitment agencies, not only try to organize recruitment according to high quality standards, but these agencies can also take care professionally of everything related to staff management. First of all, after sourcing and selection, each candidate is inserted into a company and this phase is fully managed by the personnel provider in every aspect, from training to the last stages of recruitment. Everything that will be later required to efficiently manage staff will no longer be a problem for the client company, that will just need to focus on the core business.

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