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Outsourcing: what Millennials think about it

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Outsourcing can be a source of great efficiency within a company, depending on how it is used. If you outsource to a specialist, there are many possibilities to achieve results far better than to entrust the job to an internal resource. In addition, with outsourcing, most likely the costs will be lower. With the right conditions and outsourcing an entire business unit, you can save hundreds and hundreds of euro.

Currently, we are in an era in which the Millennials have virtually replaced most of the older generation, in the world of work. The whole environment is being renewed, including new regulations. So, how to evolve Outsourcing in the era of Millennials?

Millennials and Gig Economy

First, we must emphasize that the generation of Millennials grew up in the so-called Gig Economy. That is an economic model where lifetime employment has been mostly replaced by work on demand.

This trend has certainly changed the point of view of entrepreneurs belonging to the generation of Millennials. Surely more open than their predecessors to outsourcing concept. From the moment, as we said, work on demand is now completely “normal“.

Another feature of Millennials who probably will facilitate further growth of Outsourcing is the “low loyalty”. The modern worker is more open to new opportunities. Change company and position more easily. And it is, therefore, more easily led to accept and accommodate the reality of Outsourcing. Whether as an entrepreneur or as an employee.

Outsourcing as a synonym for opportunities

As stated above, it must also be seen in another perspective. Millennials are living and suffering significantly the economic crisis. Unemployment is still so much and there is strong competition. And it is for this reason, therefore, that they are more likely to support any system that represents new opportunities.

It could therefore be said that, overall, the Millennials are the perfect candidates for outsourced work. For their values, for the type of skills, and for a whole series of circumstances such as those seen above.

Similarly, those among the Millennials have reached positions of leadership, they are well suited to the role of outsourcers. Also in consideration of a new corporate culture increasingly inclined to flexibility. One of the fundamental characteristics of Outsourcing is, in fact, just the flexibility, especially from a strategic-management point of view.

In conclusion, it is emerging more and more clearly the externalization compatibility with the economy and the world of modern labor.

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