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Outsourcing Payroll Services

Payroll outsourcing

Managing people means much more than just the application of rules of law and contract, concerning the employment relationship. Reserve an excellent enterprise, no doubt, great care to pay, safety at work, to the respect of the tax and social norms; the skills needed to carry them are very complex and not always the company’s heritage can handle it. The Personnel Administration Service ensures timely and proper processing and payment of family obligations to all company’s staff, in compliance with the contract and the laws, through the proper processes application, operating methods and programs established ensuring the functional link with the personnel management service.

Among the critical areas of personnel management ranks administration ( pay-roll area).

Nowadays every business is subject to competitive pressure, which is a factor in increasing and it has now challenged, irreversibly, the traditional  enterprise model. It’s clear it is necessary to rethink a new one, able to respond effectively to the challenges of a world that has changed and the Group La Meridiana offers the solution.

Also because care of payroll is faced with a series of operations that often require a high level of specialization. Outsource these tasks can become a winning strategy for the enterprise.

These operations are very difficult and if employees are not well educated and updated on this it’s easy to make mistakes that can cost money. Payroll services are very expensive in terms of management and economy for the company and the use of cooperative outsourcing as Group La Meridiana saves from all points of view with the assurance of obtaining a professional work supply, specialized and up to date with the latest legislation.

1. The management of attendance and absences

Especially in certain areas, a functional management presence and absence becomes paramount. This theme  can become significantly problematic in the case of businesses where many employees work in shifts, with no fixed hours and days of constant work. In most companies, and especially in the public administration, the problem is solved by stamping and time attendance systems.

Today, however, more and more often the classic “tag” is replaced with more functional magnetic cards that send the information in real-time software through which you can generate reports and extract data immediately transferable to different programs (Excel, Access etc..) These softwares also allow for easy management of companies with multiple locations or branches.

2. The payroll processing

Although it is not the only activity related to payroll, it is still the main one. Today the business of processing of wage and payroll is often backed by excellent computer products can simplify this complicated job and sometimes thorny. It is complex software that make use of databases that allow you to print payslips in PDF, with the current regulations of the Book of Labour Act.

Good software is not enough if it is not supported by experts able to make the most of the potential of computer programs and able to recognize the exceptional cases to be treated individually with expertise and attention.

3. Holidays and travel

Another branch of the payroll is the holiday management. In a company with many workers becomes complicated to assign the holidays to their employees, especially in the notoriously most popular times of the year (summer holidays, Christmas and Easter), and especially in business environments that provide constant and continuous activity for fifty-two weeks year. Even in this case, there are computer programs capable of organizing holidays and travel in a more specific and functional as possible.

This does not mean that in a matter so delicate and at times personal, the human input of an expert can be crucial. We want to deprive Mr. Rossi of leave for the wedding of the daughter or Mr. Smith to spend the Christmas holiday with his cousin returned from America?

Why outsource your payroll?

Increasingly, the Human Resources Department expresses the need to abandon the operational activities “time consuming” to engage in more strategic and management for the benefit of the entire organization. The processing of slips and all related activities (eg. Contracts) are very costly for the company in terms of time and use of resources. In addition, activities that require constant updating of the people and applications. In general, there is a very good chance that any company can save with external services of payroll and personnel administration. There are several advantages in that a payroll outsourcing can provide to a company.

According to the general principle of outsourcing, outsourcing of certain activities ensures greater attention and a greater investment of time and resources to their core business.

Moreover, in this case, outsourcing payroll is synonymous with greater attention to its employees: the outsourcing of payroll processing, managing leave, shifts, transfers, port together with an increase in accuracy and speed of these activities , a reduction in the number of complaints and grievances from employees, with a marked improvement in the working environment and productivity.

La Meridiana Group offers both consulting projects, to support the internal resources of the company to streamline the processes pay-roll, that outsourcing projects, in order to identify the right level of outsourcing services personnel and provide the partnership specialists highly qualified personnel in the administration.

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