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Marketing Strategies: the trends of the moment

marketing strategies

No longer makes sense, now, to think that a company can achieve success without implementing one or more marketing strategies. The web has revolutionized the concept of business, as more and more constant use of social networks. On the other hand, the figures speak for themselves. About 40% of the budget spent by the companies, for advertising, has been invested in the web or in digital. New strategies and new investments have led, inevitably, to the emergence of new trends. Let’s see what.

Marketing Strategies: Success in 5 moves

They are 5, at the time, the keys to success for a winning marketing:

1)   Quality content

2)   Social media management

3)   The attention to Mobile

4)   Choosing the professional adviser

5)    Brainstorming

We analyze in detail the items mentioned above.

We start with quality content. The old newsletter is a widely outdated model. We are now in the era of value. And, therefore, of quality. You must be able to create interesting content. People need reasons. Formulas can be varied. From simple article in the blog, to the creation of an e-book dedicated to customers. A content, today, should enrich the knowledge of the reader.

We continue with the leadership on social networks. The best marketing strategies current include the development of a corporate profile. Even in this case, it is a matter of content. It must be original and have a constant relationship with the subscribers of the page.

As for the mobile, the fact is that people, now, sailing mainly by Smartphone. This implies that a site not optimized for mobile can not be considered competitive. On the contrary, it would represent a corporate image damage.

Another key point for a successful marketing is competence. Until a few years ago to run a business site, a blog or a simple newsletter, it was enough to have a good degree of knowledge of the web. Now we need professionalism and competence. The company is called upon to make use of expert and trained resources  in the field.

Brainstorming: corporate involvement

A good communication strategy should include mandatory involvement of all elements of the corporate team. Every person who is part of the company can and should play a role in communication.

The so-called Brainstorming is today the basis of all of successful marketing strategies. The discussion and debate with the employees is highly productive. Who better the staff, for that matter, could express its opinion on the  product proposed to the customer?

It is from the comparison that the best ideas. And it is from here that you can leave a message loud and clear.

As a outsourcing services cooperative, Gruppo La Meridiana is also involved in Support Trade and Sale Agents. Our goal is to promote contact between our customers and the best professionals in the industry. With the objective to propose effective and customized solutions. If you can not keep up with the times, we accompany you!

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