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Human Resources: is your company ready for Generation Z?

Human Resources Generation Z

Within a few years, a new generation of employees will replace the workforce in enterprises. We are talking about the so-called Generation Z, which will take place gradually, the Millennials. We could define Generation Z as the first true digital natives. This, inevitably, will have an impact on business processes. With all the advantages of the case. The Human Resources of the future, without special training, will be able to perform many actions in no time. As for example draw or edit a document directly from tablet or smartphone.

The entrepreneurial spirit of this generation even exceeds that of the Millennials. Suffice it to say that Generation Z has witnessed the birth of small start-up founded in university dormitories and become, in a few years, global billionaires giants .

Generation Z wants to be innovative and all business managers must take this into account.

To facilitate this generational exchange, and so that your company can lay the foundations of the future, you will need to create a suitable working environment. Here are our tips.

Human Resources: the development of skills and productivity in the digital age

There are three salient points of the human resources management of the future. Unlike older generations, today’s young people“can do”, but they need to be guided. Therefore, the training process must be modified according to the characteristics of the new employees.

The Generation Z needs responsibilities

The new generation is more pragmatic and realistic than Millennials, because it grew up in front of large financial crises. And it saw how their parents have suffered in this situation. Therefore, new employees are naturally endowed with a certain degree of responsibility. It will be the manager of human resources assign them a task, a project, no matter how big or small. Preferring challenges under the command, you can put the Generation Z in a position to learn from their mistakes. All this, in the long run, will be more beneficial for your business.

The face-to-face communication is important

Mistakenly, we are led to believe that for the next generation everything is virtual. But really, today’s young people like to be “social” and feel part of a group. While Millennials were / are more focused on the ego, the Z generation prefers the community. Therefore, it is important to create working open spaces and innovative environment, where employees can meet and work with the aim of completing the task assigned. In this way, Generation Z will feel involved and part of a team.

Generation Z appreciates the advice

The new workforce needs advice and feedback. You can keep them on track if you provide them with constant support. As head of Human Resources, you will need to guide them through their roles. With the aim of giving them the freedom they need to learn and grow by themselves.

In addition, as mentioned, the Generation Z is innovative by nature. This means that, if guided in the right way, new employees will be able to work on new ideas and projects, considering the benefits to the company.

Manage Human Resources correctly and in step with the times means creating new opportunities for your business.

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