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Human Resources: 9 key points that motivate employees

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When we wake up in the morning, which we thought is good to start the day? And it is work-related? Quite simply, most of us would answer that what we charge for the workday is no more than the gain. In truth, employee motivation is studied by professionals experts for decades . The results of such research should be studied and applied by every  Human Resources manager. It is essential for a business, that a HR leader includes and determines the various personalities in the team. And that he is able to anticipate behavior and trends. All employees should be helped to achieve goals, ambitions and desires. This makes it easier to stimulate and develop teamwork.

Thanks to our experience in human resources management , we have enclosed in nine points the fundamental aspects that motivate employees to give and achieve their best.

Human Resources: trust a good leader and learn from the mistakes

1.Reliable Leadership. Trust is one of the most powerful motivational tools. A transparent and trusted HR leaders  can achieve amazing results. By opening employees and business opportunities for the development of talent and better services.

2.To feel important. All employees want to be noticed and recognized for their work. For this reason, we must provide them with new ways to learn, to improve their skills and to invest in themselves. Helping employees to increase their relevance is important and those leaders participating in this process will help to cultivate a higher level of performance and loyalty. Feeling relevant elevates significantly motivation. In parallel, an approach of this kind, helps the HR leaders to create a good development and evaluation system  of the various skills / activities.

3.Learn from mistakes. Several studies have shown that, at present, the new generation of workers try to show faster of the elders. This is to try to avoid being stereotyped and soon reach high performance. Faced with such situations, a good leader should encourage young talents to assume risk responsibility. And stimulate the new generation patience to learn from mistakes rather than to show everything at once, without ever improve.

Personnel Management: the aspirations of the new generation of employees

The next four of the nine key points that we consider essential to motivate staff, are related to the modern needs of people. Both from a practical point of view that character.

  1. Career Advancement. It is one of the most important factors. The employees are extremely motivated if they know they can progress in their careers. A good HR leaders must ensure that all staff are aware of the opportunities offered. But it is also important to remember to every element of your team that to be relevant does not mean mathematically advancing.
  2. Do not have any regrets. The new generation of employees do not want to have any regrets. Making a virtue of necessity: this is the philosophy of life of Millennials and Baby Boomers. As a leader, you have a duty to exploit this cultural moment. Share your trip with your workers. Motivate your team to the prospects that you want to achieve.
  3. Stability. But as it is obvious that it is, people are also motivated by security. We all want a stable future and, above all, achieve it as quickly as possible. Due to the economic crisis which has been raging for over a decade, we are all aware that we can quickly become victims of an unforeseen change without being prepared.
  4. Be indulgent with themselves. Finally, an overview of a psychological factor of great importance: selfishness. A highly motivated team, sometimes, can make for harmful competition. We must start from a premise to be infused to the whole team. When you meet a person with great force, that person has at the same time also a great weakness. The success in every area of life and work, is a question of balance. We must improve to overwhelm the others, but with others. All together.

The right approach to the work determines the happiness of the employee

  1. Impact
  2. Happiness

The last two key points of the study of employee motivation mainly involve the lifestyle that every worker should conceive as soon as he sets foot in the company.

The HR leader has the dutiful task of allowing staff to have a sustainable impact on their review. This will stimulate employee satisfaction. And a satisfied employee can significantly affect the whole strategic process.

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