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HR Outsourcing Services: personnel management and safety at work

Gruppo La Meridiana offers a complete and valid outsourcing personnel service. We support the cooperation with our partners to follow and to assess all the aspects of Human Resources Management. Managing safety at work is often underestimated. To move with the times, with businesses’ needs and with the requirements of the labour market means to be opened and prepared about the new realities that are arising. Today, Prevention and Safety represent an essential condition for an effective personnel management. In this panorama, we need first to consider a fundamental concept: the security organization is closely linked to the company’s production. This means that these two operations are not two different business functions, but it is important to make them like the same thing. To clarify even more: to organize the production must mean to organize a safety work process. If safety management and personnel management come together in a common business area, the final results will certainly be positive. Until now, Safety Officers and Human Resources Managers met all too often only in case of need, although they know that the work of one is very important for the proper conduct of the work of the other. The business world is developing in a specific direction: the safety culture.

What is the safety culture?

The safety culture is a set of laws, behavioural safeguards, preventive measures, abstract principles and organisational processes, languages, ways of being and ways of thinking, the whole thing about safety. Safety culture is explained and supported in particular by Professor Carlo Galimberti (Director of CSRPC – Research and Studies Centre of Communication Psychology). Safetu culture spreads out when a company not only fulfils legal obligations, but when it shares with its employees the significance of a safe and the relation between it and people and business welfare.

How can safety culture develop by personnel management?

At a general level, the steps are three:

1) influencing the behaviour

2) training staff about safety periodically and at all levels

3) managers should set an example through a coherent behaviour, communication and an appropriate reward

There are other important factors too: priority that safety has in a company, management’s commitment, the working environment. It is essential for a company to ensure its own credibility also through training actions in order to raise awareness of people about risk and human factor. The involvement of employees, mutual trust and more generally the psychological aspects about safety, represent the key to open this new important business door.

What is the relationship between safety and production?

In a social environment where economic crisis reigns, with dramatic consequences for workers too, often employees are led to work only for the purpose of survival. This means that tasks done in business are often end in themselves. To take action on a psychological level about safety means to give new stimulus to the staff. A worker who feels he is involved in a project and protected by his company, he will in turn try to protect and improve business activities. An employee who knows and learns workplace hazards, he will have greater niceties whereas he produces. Modes of behaviour disseminated by safety will not be considered as an imposition: this means that an employee will spontaneously change his attitude and he will maintain it with pleasure and respect. Finally, it can be said that safety culture in personnel management is an important and effective business strategy.

The Cooperative Gruppo La Meridiana works to offer services and consultancy through methods that go well beyond the operationalization of purely pragmatic  skills. We have a comprehensive knowledge and experience about Human Resources Management. This is our strength and our worth. We are the ideal partner for any requirements of your business.


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