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HR Outsourcing: models of Personnel Management

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The choice to outsource Human Resources Management is now increasingly widespread between firms. There are numerous reasons, in particular the key role of people in a company. Human labour remains central for productivity in any company although the many automation mechanisms run by the holdings. This means that Human Resources Management calls for increasingly careful in order to best work.  


Some specialists in the field have drawn up an important investigation through which it has been demonstrated that the new models of Personnel Management result by far most effective in relation to traditional ones. To better explains the results of this investigation we need to take a step back: what are the models of Human Resources Management?


1)   The classic model. This is a personnel management system that follows a “growing” line. This model has characterized companies for very many years. An employee starts his career from the lowest level and he leaves the firm at the end of his working life and after having worked any possible role for him. In former times, to leave a job was an exception. This means that, on one side, employees saw the work in a different way and, on the other side, companies paid more attention to their staff, in terms of stimuli too.


2)   Flexible employment. It is a model used mainly by companies that need employees occasionally. In this case, the firm will not invest in training and there will be no career option. Workers are recruited already trained and they will leave the company at the end of the service. With this model, the difficulties for a manager are the evaluation and monitoring of assumptions and/or replacement, but not maintaining team.


3)   The excellent selection. This should be the ideal model for Staff Management in any companies. It provides recruitment of people not necessarily with previous experience, but with a designation, as a recent graduate. Then, only deserving people will receive a training while the other will leave their job. The excellent selection is not totally focused on maintaining, but a career option will be offered only to able workers, with considerable advantages for company itself. Also from a “moral” point of view, the excellent selection is the ideal model because it rewards commitment and ability.


4)   The strategy of “cuckoo”. This is a model focused almost exclusively in business advantages. Companies recruit only experienced people withholding the fittest.


5)   Personalized management. This is a mix of previous models or, in some cases, completely different to them. With this model, a company chooses staff in the light of the requirements of the specific case.


The most commonly used model is number four (the strategy of cuckoo), probably in the interests of costs and because of developments in the employment market and the changes in the economy. Companies have not time and money to invest in staff training. On the other side, they need qualified personnel to growth. In this context, Outsourcing comes into play. Thanks to Outsourcing Personnel Management services, companies will have a trained staff, without having to worry about monitoring and management.


Gruppo La Meridiana has gained an extensive experience about Human Resources over the years. Our Cooperative can go any further the models, offering beneficial and personalised services, specifically targeted to your business and based on quality and values. To manage effectively Human Resources is like to have already a foot on the podium of success.

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