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HR management: how to optimize direct and indirect costs

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The department of human resources is one of the most critical areas within any company. Wrongly, however, the HR sector is often seen almost exclusively as a “cost”. To increase the performance of personnel management should first examine and evaluate the department’s inefficiencies. So, being able to create a cost management strategy to optimize the HR process in its entirety. The management of human resources, in the modern labor market, should return to playing a “creative”role. It certainly would benefit the whole business. For this reason, we want to give you some tips to renew your HR sector.

HR Management and Marketing: a winning combination

A few years ago, an Australian company, to increase visits and sales, launched the campaign “the best job in the world“. The company has offered to hire a caretaker for an island for one year, $ 1 million.

Participation in the campaign has been incredible: 34,000 applications received from more than 200 countries worldwide. The visits to the company site are skyrocketing, to reach almost 7 million unique monthly visitors. 54 million page views, 46,000 stories published on social network, 230,000 citations of the campaign on several blogs worldwide. In total, the initiative has reached 3 billion people.

What does all this mean? Have you ever thought that your best customers may turn into your best employees? We believe that in order to outperform the competition, the sector HR and Marketing Department should work closely together. As has shown the Australian company, an effective combined strategy can achieve amazing goals.

Social Network: the work search is mobile

In a recent market research, 9 of 10 unemployed  users said they use their mobile device to find a job in the next 12 months. The use of mobile devices for work, and in particular that of social networks, rising by a good 7% per year.

This means that companies can and should reconsider their recruitment channels. With a double benefit: to reach the young and talented resources, and save on the costs of the process.

Screening and flexibility: the new challenges of HR Management

Recruitment agencies have very high costs. Moreover, they create volume, but often do not generate the best solutions. We believe however that the screening process at the recruitment stage, it is absolutely essential. Data analysis is based on objective and forward-looking policies that can help the HR Manager to find the right candidate. So, better managed on a system of analysis, with the remarkable double advantage of being able to achieve better results at a lower price.

Finally, we believe that modern human resource management should also be based on flexibility.  This is  the era of agile business, and businesses need to have access to a flexible workforce and quickly.

It is a completely different attitude to working life, which also includes the temporary work or inserting a resource capable of performing more than one role.

Create flexibility means offering and follow certain agreements to cover production  and employees needs, as consistently as possible. Put in practical terms: no waste!

One of the best modern solutions for the redefinition of the HR sector role in the company is certainly the Outsourcing. Choosing a partner who works alongside you, in a professional and innovative way, you will be able to optimize performance and HR management costs. And to grow quickly and constantly. For more information, please contact us for advice.

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