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How HR Leaders can increase value within an organization


HR is traditionally considered a “soft” sphere of corporate workings, associated with “people” it is typically valued less than other fields of corporate activities.

Gruppo La Meridiana, an expert in HR outsourcing, presents to you a few ways in which HR Leaders can increase value and their business influence within an organization.

  1.     HR Leaders can become adaptive change agents

HR leaders can multiply their value by facilitating conversations about change, helping business leaders review current practice, gain stakeholder agreement and consult and collaborate with other leaders around value creation. HR leaders are placed in key strategic roles that afford them the opportunity to drive for change in business strategy, organizational design and structure, and organizational culture and behavior. They are also well placed to identify the contexts for change, to facilitate convers

  1.     HR Leaders can develop business know-how

The value of HR leaders does not solely lay in their technical expertise, but how they draw from this technical expertise and broader business knowledge and experience to influence and collaborate with other organizational leaders to impact change and influence key stakeholders. HR professionals at all levels should therefore be working at developing their skills in understanding business functions and roles and be competent in areas relating to finances, operations, sales, strategy, return on investment, market analysis, marketing, branding, and globalization etc.

  1.     HR Leaders should initiate, maintain and manage value-creating relationships

HR leaders should initiate, maintain and manage value-creating relationships whether it is with senior executives, front line workers, customers or competitors. Through their unique skills: conflict management, negotiation, coaching, mentoring, and addressing the human and social aspects of work HR Leaders are best equipped to manage meaningful relationships within the organization.

  1.     HR leaders should think and act beyond the boundaries of HR

HR leaders could strategically improve their value and competitive advantage by developing generic leadership skills and advocating for their own leadership development opportunities. They are typically responsible for identifying, assessing and developing leadership potential and competency in the workforce, but rarely have the chance to develop leadership on a corporate level themselves.

  1.     Various HR functions should be connected and coordinated

Often specialties such as learning and development, selection and recruitment, compensation and benefits, and HRIS are typically polarized, diversified and there is little cooperation between them. HR Leader should recognize the need to coordinate those functions and ensure that all people strategies are aligned within the HR department and with the overall business strategy therefore creating value for the whole organization.

These are 5 ways in which contemporary HR Leaders can increase value within an organization. For more HR solutions and to get informed about outsourcing opportunities, please contact the HR experts from Gruppo La Meridiana who offer you many years of specialized HR outsourcing experience.


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