Outsourcing for Italian Supermarkets

Personnel Outsourcing for Malls and Supermarkets

Staff for Supermarkets and Local Food Retailers

The supermarket and food retail business needs reliable experts to carry out a range of activities. Our Group allows these companies to save time and resources by entrusting to us the selection and personnel administration. All staff are vetted and experienced in the supermarket industry. With low cost employment rates and many other benefits to manage and cover employee needs so that they can work undistracted and stay happy throughout their job tenure.

The outsourcing of personnel

Personnel management is not easy. Unlike a simple recruitment firm, we take care of everything related to human resources in the food industry: the result? Our customers can optimize their business, while we handle workers.

The professionals

The Consortium has a long experience in the selection and management of the following professionals:

  • sales assistants in supermarkets
  • supermarket or food shop cashiers

All our candidates provide their experience and professionalism to their employers.


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